• LiliAnna Joy

    “Never wake a sleeping baby!” But … you can certainly photograph her in every adorable way possible!

  • California Road Trip

    We love the trick Mardene uses for laying one photo over another on a few of her pages.

  • Roman Holiday

    Four years after Sandie had taken a Mediterranean cruise with her son, he passed from a sudden heart attack at age 30. Sandie, tenderly made this book in memory of her son and the time they shared on their Roman Holiday.

  • Big family, lots of love

    Lots of family and lots of love in this 2016 family photo album from a long-time customer. So many memories, she had to split the album into two books.

  • The French Connection

    A group of friends and family embarked on a tour of Paris, accompanied by one woman who had been an exchange student in Paris many years ago. With only a week to see Paris they did a good job since it took 80 pages to tell the tale!

  • New York, New York

    Roslyn divides images of The Big Apple into categories: Sights, Vistas, Art, and Food. A clever way to organize a book!

  • Mark and Marieke Get Married

    Marieke’s no-fuss Wedding Album offers a perfect example of “less is more.”

  • Baby Mila Photo Book

    Baby Mila’s parents have used our “Welcome Baby Girl” themed backgrounds to create this tender book that chronicles their first days together.

  • Pan Am Memory Book

    World Wings International – Portland Chapter created this wonderful book to capture memories from over 30 retired Pan Am flight attendants.

  • The Painted Turtle Thank You Book

    This delightful book of happy campers was created as a token of thanks for supporters of The Painted Turtle, part of the SeriousFun Children’s Network.

  • Lucas & Penelope

    A baby book for big brother and baby!

  • The Pecoraros August 2014

    A simple and gorgeous book. Kellie selected her favorite photos from her family’s recent photo shoot.

  • Family Photo Shoot

    Check out this extraordinary and playful family photo book! In keeping with the crisp and clean-lined photos, Chris limits her text to a few phrases and makes great use of Picaboo’s modern fonts.

  • Our First Home

    Brian makes a photo book of his first home before the big move! What a great way to mark this family milestone.

  • Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah

    We love how the excitement of this special occasion in Jesse’s life is captured in the photo book: “Jesse’s Bar Mitzvah.”

  • Monochromatic Magic: A Picaboo Portfolio Book

    Addy shares a book of a creative photo-shoot she took while in college. We love Addy’s artistry! Especially how she ends the book with a compilation of all the photos.

  • The Boys of Fall

    Elizabeth shares the new canvases that she made of her son playing on his high school football team. Go Marauders!

  • Archeological Dig

    Our Student Intern goes on an Archeological Dig in Mexico and “discovers” a great idea for a Picaboo Book!

  • Just Do It!

    Sometimes being perfectionistic about making your photo book can get in the way of completing your project. Bill has a philosophy of “Just Do It!” See how he has streamlined the process of creating his family’s Year-in-Review book!

  • Driving Miss Norma

    This is an inspiring story of a woman determined to live life on her terms after getting thrown a few curve-balls. Take it from Miss Norma…Life is a Highway!

  • It’s Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas!

    Using lyrics from a collection of Christmas Carols, Jennifer has put together an enchanting little book for her niece that captures some candid moments captured during the holidays. View Book

  • Loifa and Tim

    Tim used Picaboo’s Modern Wedding Theme as a starting point for creating his wedding album.

  • Nora’s High Tea

    Fifteen-Year-Old Nora is an aspiring event planner.

  • Newport 2015

    We love Emmy’s creation marking a special weekend with family and friends in Newport.

  • Megan Graduation

    These layouts are mostly already pre-designed on Picaboo’s website. Don’t forget, black creates a sleek backdrop for your photos.

  • Rivera Wedding Guest Book

    Here is a great idea for a personalized wedding guest book!

  • Wyatt’s Graduation Photo Book

    Here’s a simple album of the best pics from Wyatt’s graduation photos.

  • Jensen’s Bat Mitzvah Photo Book

    Even though she couldn’t attend Jensen’s bat mitzvah, Elizabeth still felt like a part of the special day when she created this book.

  • The Joiner Family Photo Book

    RaeAnne used Picaboo’s “Fun in the Sun” theme to create a beautiful family photo album. Have a look!