Company History

We came out with prototype photo album software in 2004, and almost immediately we got feedback — ‘How can we order the albums?’ — there was no industry for that yet.”
-Howard Field, Co-Founder

Picaboo, named from a fishing trip to Picabo, ID and a play on the word “Peek-A-Boo”, was founded in 2002 by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy, two college friends who believed memories are a fundamentally important part of the human experience and deserve to be preserved, shared, and enjoyed in meaningful ways.

2002 Picaboo starts up in Palo Alto, CA after being conceived on the Stanford University Golf Course by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy
2004 Picaboo secures investment from prominent Silicon Valley investors
2005 Picaboo launches version one of photo book software
2007 Picaboo adds Greeting Cards
2010 Picaboo adds Calendars
2011 Picaboo adds Canvases
2012 Picaboo grows to over 1 million customers
2013 Picaboo launches Picaboo Yearbooks
2015 Company Headquarters move from California to New Hampshire
2018 Picaboo adds Photo Crystals
2019 Picaboo adds Ornaments, Photo Mugs, and Coasters
2019 Company Headquarters move to Tukwila, WA
2020 Picaboo adds Puzzles
2022 Company Headquarters move to Newfoundland, Canada