• Grandma Goes to Antarctica

    Patty is one adventuresome grandmother!

  • LiliAnna Joy

    “Never wake a sleeping baby!” But … you can certainly photograph her in every adorable way possible!

  • McGlynn Wedding Album

    We love Lauren’s sophisticated use of our border, shadow, and corners tools.

  • Cherry and Dawn

    Not all weddings are formal affairs. We love Cherry and Dawn’s small wedding following a half-marathon.

  • Our Wedding – August 31, 1968

    Forty-six years after she was married, Ellen lovingly created this book.

  • Lucas & Penelope

    A baby book for big brother and baby!

  • Alaska Adventure

    Cathy makes clever use of fonts, and we love how she experiments with all sorts of layouts. Very creative!

  • Nora’s High Tea

    Fifteen-Year-Old Nora is an aspiring event planner.

  • Rivera Wedding Guest Book

    Here is a great idea for a personalized wedding guest book!

  • Amazing India

    This is a unique book top to bottom! Joe has used all sorts of tricks to add interest to this account of his trip to India.