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Picaboo Launches Program for Businesses

New Business Program offers deep product discounts and special services to businesses using Picaboo for custom photo products.

HANOVER, New Hampshire – April 6, 2016 – Picaboo, an industry-leading provider of customized photo products, today announced the launch of a special program for businesses. The program is designed to make high quality photo products more accessible to businesses looking to showcase their products, connect with employees, and impress customers through the creation of customized photo products such as photo books.

For more than a decade, Picaboo has been a top choice for both consumers and organizations to create and print millions of photo books, cards, calendars, and canvas prints. From large multi-national corporations to embryonic startups, companies use Picaboo for a variety of purposes, including: product launches & lookbooks, corporate events, brand books, employee commemorative gifts, portfolios, and more.

“For more than 10 years, many of our customers have been companies that have used our products to create value for employees and customers alike ,” commented Kevin McCurdy, CEO of Picaboo Corporation.  “When a company creates a photo book as a gift for an employee, it forges a personal connection that few other products can provide. Similarly, when a company communicates their brand in a customized print product it really brings the brand to life, engaging both employees and customers.”

The Picaboo Business Program is offers a 60% discount off of all business photo product orders, dedicated VIP customer service, free sample books, and fast turn around time.   

Information about the Picaboo Busienss Program is available at: https://www.picaboo.com/business/

About Picaboo Corporation
As a leading provider of custom photo products since 2004, Picaboo has been a top choice for consumers, non-profit organizations and businesses to create and print millions of high quality photo books, cards, calendars, and canvas prints. Picaboo helped spark the growth of the photo book industry with its easy-to-use photo book creation software and is now disrupting the yearbook industry with Picaboo Yearbooks, a ground-breaking platform for the creation and sale of school yearbooks.

For more information about Picaboo visit www.picaboo.com.

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