Tips & Tricks for Photographing Fireworks

With the 4th of July right around the corner, fireworks season has arrived! Trying to capture these beautiful explosions has always been a tough task for amateurs and professional photographers alike. Below you’ll find everything you need to finally get that perfect (and evasive) shot of this year’s festivities. Here are 4 basic tips & […]

How to Take Great Group Photos

I love taking group shots. Whether it’s for holiday cards, weddings, graduations or birthday parties, I love capturing those picture perfect moments between loved ones. And you will too after I walk you through how to catch that instantaneous moment when everyone’s eyes are open and mouths are smiling. Once you read this article, I […]

5 Ideas for Your School Year Photos

It’s hard to believe, but June has arrived and with it the conclusion of another school year. With all of the teams, clubs and events there’s no shortage of photos from the past year (likely stuck on hard drives and buried on news feeds). Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or want to create […]

5 Inspirational Ideas & Tips from the Community (Includes Examples!)

We are so lucky to have such a creative and talented community. We asked you to “Inspire Us” and you shared with us some of the most amazing photo books we’ve ever seen. In order to inspire others, we wanted to highlight  some of the best ideas and tips the community shared with us. We […]

How to Mix and Match Fonts & Colors

I love playing with fonts and colors! It’s the simplest way to give your photo book personality and keep a consistent tone throughout. The Picaboo photo book app provides over 100 fonts to choose from, and you can use any color under the rainbow. The possibilities are endless, which allows you to really make your […]

Inspire Us: 5 Tips from the Community on Creating the Perfect Spring Break Book

We are blown away by the amazing projects pouring into our inbox since we asked all of you to inspire us last week. With Spring Break fast approaching we’d like to share your tips and tricks for the perfect vacation photo book. Here are 5 things every travel book should have, from you, the talented […]

How to Make a Smashing Party Photo Book

This week is Mardi Gras, and I’m in the mood to party! This got me thinking about party photo books, one of the most fun types of books to make. Not only do I get to relive the day through making my book, I love sharing the memories of good times with my friends and […]

Inspire Us! Share your projects & ideas with the Picaboo Community

At Picaboo we’re in awe of the amazing projects coming off the presses on a daily basis. Your creativity and vision is so impressive that we want you to share your ideas with the Picaboo community.   Share your Ideas  It’s easy to share your project with us. Simply use the sharing tool in the […]

Tips for Halloween Cell Phone Pictures

Next week, the kids {and maybe some adults} will be dressing up in their scariest and cutest costumes! This is definitely a moment you don’t want to miss out on capturing. But this is also a time when I hate to lug around my dSLR. There are times when I want to just be in […]

Photo Book Ideas from APPO

We are continuing our series of tips on how to organize your backlog of printed and digital photos, media, and memorabilia . Check out last week’s entry here.   Tip #12  My Wish for you – Photo Book Ideas for Teens It is easy to make a photo book for your baby or young child but it gets […]