The Places We'll Go: A 52 Week Project

Step by step, mile by mile,

We want to see everything that makes you smile.

Put Picaboo in your pocket; take us wherever you may go,

Whether it be to your backyard or Rome.

Bring your camera along,

Share your journey with us all year long.

Let’s make memories of 2013,

And learn some new photography techniques.

At the end of it all, you’ll have captured 52 weeks

And a photo journal of your year, each one of yours unique.

This project will not only give you the opportunity to make memories of 2013 with a beautiful photo book of your weekly photos. You will also have the opportunity to get to know other Picaboo fans and build a community with new friends across the globe. (Plus, it’s going to be so much fun!)

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Wondering what The 52 Week Project is all about? Well, you’re in the right place.Everything you need to know about the 52 Week Project can be found on the The 52 Week Project Overview page. This page will be updated weekly with each challenge.

Weekly Challenges:

Each week, we’ll provide a new theme and an educational post. The goal of each theme is to help you improve your photography skills, inspire you and keep you shooting! Here is a week by week re-cap of The 52 Week Challenges that you can use as a reference and  will be updated as we go.

stephanie glover a grande life stephanie glover photography

All of our challenges are designed with the help of photography expert, Stephanie Glover.  Stephanie is a Philadelphia-based photographer that captures weddings, families, and couples in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. To see some of her amazing photographs, take a look at her portfolio. She is also the proud mom of two very sweet boys. You can read her trials and tribulations on her blog.

Week 1: How to Photograph Glitter

Dec 29, 2012 – Jan 4,2013

Week 1: 15 Glitter Photographs

captuing the new year - how to photograph glitter


Week 2:  Capturing Winter Activities

 Jan 5 – Jan 11

Week 2: 15 Winter Activity Photos

capturing winter activities

Week 3:  Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

 Jan 12 – Jan 18

Week 3: 15 Panoramic Photos

Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

Week 4:  Tips for Lifestyle Photography

 Jan 19 – Jan 25

Week 4: 15 Lifestyle Photographs

tips for lifestyle photography

Week 5:  Capturing a Day in the Life: Tips for Black & White Photography

 Jan 26 – Feb 1

Week 5: 15 Black & White Photographs


black and white photography tips

Week 6:  Tips for Using Shadows in Photography

Feb 2 – Feb 8

Week 6: 15 Shadow Photographs

tips for capturing shadows

Week 7:  Capturing What You Love

Feb 9 – Feb 15

Week 7:  15 Photos Capturing Love

capturing what you love

Week 8: Travel Photography Tips

Feb 16 – Feb 22

Week 8:  15 Travel Photographs


travel photography tips

Week 9: Photographing the Color Green

Feb 23 – March 1

Week 9: 15 Green Photographs


photographing the color green

Week 10: Pinhole Photography

March 2-8

Week 10: 15 Pinhole Photographs

pinhole photography

Week 11: Tips & Tricks for Dawn Photography

March 9-15

Week 11: 15 Photos Taken at Dawn

Tips & Tricks for Dawn Photography

Week 12: Capturing the Rainbow: How to Get the Best Colors in Your Photographs

March 16-22

Week 12: 15 Colorful Photographs

how to get the best color out of your photos

Week 13: Back to the Basics: What to Think about Before You Click

March 23-29

Week 13: 15 Thoughtful Photographs

what to think about when taking pictures


Week 14:  Attention to Detail in Photography

March 30-April 5

Week 14: 15 Detailed Photographs

attention to detail

Week 15:  Capturing Reflections in Photographs

April 6-11

Week 15: 15 Reflective Photographs

capturing reflections in photographs

Week 16:  Tips for Macro Photography

April 12-19

Week 16: 15 Macro Photographs

tips for macro photography

Week 17:  How to Make Eyes Pop

April 20-26

Week 17: 15 Eye Popping Photographs

make eyes pop

Week 18:  How to Bust Out of a Photography Rut

April 27- May 3

Week 18: 15 Creative Photographs

how to bust out of a photography rut

Week 19:  Capturing Opposites

May 4-10

Week 19: 15 Opposite Photographs

capturing opposites

Week 20:  Getting in Front of the Camera – How to Look Your Best in Photos

May 11-17

Week 20: 15 Photos of You

ways to look better in a photo

Week 21:  Capturing Milestones

May 18-24

Week 21: 15 Milestone Moments

8 milestone moments

Week 22:  Food Photography Tips: Part 2

May 25-31

Week 22: 15 Food Photographs

food photography tips

Week 23:  Mastering Composition

June 1-7

Week 23: 15 Composed Photographs

mastering composition

Week 24:  Manipulating Color with White Balance

June 8-14

Week 24: 15 Photos Mastering White Balance

Manipulating Color with White Balance

Week 25:  Understanding Contrast

June 15-21

Week 25: 15 Photos With Contrast

understanding contrast

Week 26:  Summer Photography Tips

June 22-28

Week 26: 15 Summer Photos

summer photography tips

Week 27:  Photographing Color: Red, White, & Blue

June 29-July 5

Week 27: 15 Red, White, & Blue Photos

photographing red white blue

Week 28:  Back to Basics: Aperture

July 6-12

Week 28: 15 Photo Examples of Aperture


Week 29:  Breaking the Rules: Overexposure

July 13-19

Week 29: 15 Overexposed Photographs

breaking the rules overexposure 3

Week 30:  Spot Metering

July 20-26

Week 30: 15 Spot Metered Photographs

spot metering

Week 31:  Back to Basics: ISO

July 27-August 2

Week 31:  15 ISO Photographs

iso in photography

Week 32:  Tips for Using Window Light

August 3-9

Week 32: 15 Window Lighting Photographs

tips for using window lighting

Week 33:  7 Portrait Posing Tips

August 10-16

Week 33: 15 Posed Photographs

7 portrait posing tips

Week 34:  5 Creative Photography Tips

August 17-23

Week 34: 15 Creative Photographs

5 Creative Photography Tips

Week 35:  Finding the Light to Enhance Your Photography

August 24-30

Week 35: 15 Light Filled Photographs

5 ways to find the light

Week 36:  Creative Photography: A to Z Photography Project

August 31-September 6

Week 36: 15 Letter Photographs

a-to-z-photography-project-6 (1)

Week 37:  10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Photography

September 7-13

Week 37: Reflecting on Our Photography Journey


Week 38:  Telling a Story with 5 Photographs

September 14-20

Week 38: 15 Photos that Tell a Story



Week 39:  Fall Photography Ideas

September 21-27

Week 39: 15 Fall Photographs


Week 40:  Tips for Taking Better Pictures Indoors

September 27-October 4

Week 40: 15 Indoor Photographs

Tips for Taking Better Pictures Indoors