Lay-flat pages are a beautiful thing. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Hold on. Let me tell you about the glory of the lay-flat page.

A lay-flat page shot from above.

Lay-flat pages incorporate new binding technology that allows your book to lay perfectly flat when open. This extra-special paper incorporates a high-quality finish with extra durability. Since your book lays perfectly flat, your pictures can be full bleed and continue across the gutter. This means you don’t have to worry about losing detail at the hinge or adjusting the layout to accommodate the spine. Plus, the extra durability is perfect for books that are handled more frequently than others. Lay-flat pages come standard when you order a MadisonCape CodModernVictorianRanch or a Flush Mount.

Pages lay flat, irrespective of how many pages are in the book.

If you want to add lay-flat pages to your Classic, Classic Custom, Classic Leather or Regency photo books, be sure to choose the lay-flat option at checkout. This option is available for large hardcover books only. Here’s information on pricing.

Reasons to love lay-flat pages:

  • Incorporate full-bleed images into your layouts
  • Enjoy more creative flexibility
  • Extra durable pages
  • The pages lay open making it easy to follow a recipe in your Picaboo cookbook
  • Perfect for panoramic or landscape photographs

Isn’t this a lovely way to capture the wedding party? Lay-flat pages come standard when you order a Madison.

Still curious? Here’s what some of our customers had to say about lay-flat pages:

“The first lay-flat book I ordered was our wedding album. It was amazing! The scenic two-page spreads look really nice!! And two-page spreads really suit my style of book design. For me lay-flat spreads are perfect.”
Mark Pavlik


Lay-flat pages allow your pictures to cover the gutter and continue on to the next page.

“Lay-flat pages have my heart. They’re awesome. Worth the extra money for special books.”
Leslie Gonce


Landscape images are perfect for two-page spreads.

“I really like the way they look and always order my books with lay-flat pages. Lay-flat pages are a must for cookbooks because you need them to stay open. I also think it’s a must for books with a lot of two-page spreads. With lay-flat pages, you get the full impact of your photography.”
– Cheryl Parker Miller

Wondering how to turn your image into a two-page spread, it’s really easy!


In Edit Mode, drag and drop your image on to the page. Then select Add As Two Page Spread.

Want to see more inspiring two-page spreads? Check out this visual journey.