‘Tis the season for family photos and planning your holiday cards! My weekends have been swamped photographing sweet families for that perfect holiday card picture. You know the one. The one where everyone is looking and smiling!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to help you achieve that perfect photo. Up first, what to wear!

What to Wear for Pictures

Week 45: November 2 – 8

1. Skip matchy match. Instead coordinate! Instead of trying to find everyone the perfect blue shirt so you match, coordinate your outfits. If you have the perfect outfit planned for one family member, pull colors and textures from their outfit to come up with everyone else’s!

2. Avoid characters or loud prints. If someone has a large character on their shirt, you are going to pull the eye right to them. Same goes for loud prints. Remember, keep it simple!

3. Don’t wear all white! White can be a photographer’s nightmare. It is really easy to blow your whites when shooting outdoors which can result in you looking like you are glowing!

4. Take your location into consideration. If you are shooting out on a farm, you are going to want a more rustic look. Shooting in the city? Go for a more polished style.

5. Skip the trends. Remember, these photos will be hanging on your wall for a while. You want your looks to look timeless and classic.

Your challenge this week is to coordinate your subjects. This not only goes for people, but also inanimate subjects. You want your pairings to be coordinated to keep the picture cohesive. Make sure you share your photos on Facebook!