Let me first begin by saying, I’m not a big Elvis fan. But I’ve been to Graceland and it’s pretty awesome. Memphis as a whole is an amazing town. And I think this photo book does a nice job capturing some of the scenes you’ll find on Beale Street, Sun Studios and the home of the King.

This book was created by one of our customers, Jenny Schwartz, and we’re thrilled she shared it with us. Here’s what Jenny had to say about the book, “This book captures a road trip to Memphis. The main highlight of the book is our tour of Graceland. Other pictures you’ll see in this book include: Hotels, restaurants, The Rock ‘N” Soul Museum, Sun Studios and of course, Elvis, Elvis, Elvis. Thanks for taking interest in my photo book. I have a TON of pictures from a trip to Greece that I can’t wait to turn into a Picaboo book.”

Here’s a nice spread that pays tribute to Sun Studios, where many of the greats have played. Some of the musicians who have been here include: Johhny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Howlin’ Wolf and of course, Elvis. Not only is this place a relic of history, it’s also known for great volunteers that are passionate about the history and the meaning of the place. I love that Jenny captured the oddly-shaped design of the building.

And then we get to Elvis. It’s really wild walking through Graceland and seeing how the King lived. He was truly an eccentric.From the TCOB (“Taking care of Business”) lightning bolt painted around the property to the wood carved furniture, Elvis didn’t overlook a detail.

One of the things I really like about Jenny’s book is that she created a look and feel and stuck with it. Each photo is framed in white, the typography and spacial relations of the photos are consistent and she picked two typefaces and used them throughout. This consistent grid allows us to remain focused on her pictures and her travels.



The collection of cars Elvis owned is pretty amazing, even considering today’s standards. Here Jenny took some great shots of his more famous cars like the Pink Cadillac.


I love this back cover. This textural detail, which we are introduced to a few spreads before the end of the book, is the perfect visual ending. I’ve always been a fan of book covers but the back cover is equally important.

Thanks for sharing your book with us, Jenny! It was truly a joy to review!

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