Have you ever been to Disney? This book, created by one of our customers, Keven, will make you want to fly there tomorrow. Here’s what Keven had to say about the book: “This book was made for my family and our neighbors who shared a vacation together to Disney World in late September.  The book was given to the neighbors as a Christmas gift.  All of the background photos used in the book were taken while on this vacation (some edited with Photoshop).  As you can tell my daughters and their son had the time of their lives.”

They say Disney is the greatest place on Earth and when you look at Keven’s book, you believe it. This book is full of smiles, adventures, excitement and love.

Each page takes you on a different journey. From The Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Hollywood Studios, we see how the crew spent their day in each park. With beautiful two-page backgrounds spreads, fun corner embellishments and a vibrant collage-layout, this book is full of energy.

Collage-style layouts are a great choice when you have a lot of pictures and a big story to tell. And Keven made a wise choice by adding corner embellishments to bring together a ton of shots in a unified manner. Picaboo has a wide collection of corner embellishments.From jelly beans to frames to olives, we’ve got a ton at your disposal. To learn and see more corner embellishments, skip to the bottom of this post.

The pace of this book is fast as though you’re on a ride. Quite fitting considering the theme. And with any exciting vacation, meltdowns and impromptu naps are par the course. And we love how Keven didn’t miss a single detail.

Thanks so much for sharing your book with us, Keven!

Here are just some of the corner embellishments you can find within Picaboo. This diverse collection of playful, elegant, holiday and textual embellishments can fit a wide array of book themes and styles. And they’re really fun to play with. To use corner embellishments in your next book, look for them under “Shapes and Corners.”

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How do I find the link to my book?

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