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Want to win a free cruise & a $500 VISA Gift Card? Enter our Two Weeks of Love Contest and you could win one of 15 prizes!

Here’s how it works. From January 19th through January 31st, you can submit your Picaboo Photo Book for a chance to win one of 15 prizes. We’re looking for Picaboo books you’ve made that showcase something you love. Book subjects may include, but are not limited to:


– Wedding Books
– Travel Books
– Cookbooks
– Baby Books
– Birthday Books
– Books About Anything You Love

If you don’t think your book has enough love-pizazz, make a new one. For inspiration, check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. If you’ve never made a Picaboo Photo Book, now’s the time! See how easy it is here.  

Once we receive your book, our staff will review it. The most inspiring and creative books will be chosen. From February 1, 2012 through February 14th, 2012, we’ll reveal a different book each day on our blog. If your book is featured, you’ll win the prize of the day.



After all 14 books have been revealed, the winners will then be eligible to win a free cruise from and a $500 VISA Gift Card from Picaboo. The winner of the cruise will be randomly selected using and will be revealed on February 15th, 2012 on our Facebook page. To stay informed on all updates and winners, make sure you LIKE our Facebook page!

Have a question? Take a look at these FAQs.

To submit your book, complete the submission form below by January 31, 2012 at midnight PST.

Prizes Include:

Day 1 Winner:                          Madison Photo Book

Day 2 Winner:                          $30 Picaboo Gift Card

Day 3 Winner:                          (25) 4×6 Photo Prints

Day 4 Winner:                          11×14 Collage Poster

Day 5 Winner:                          $30 Picaboo Gift Card

Day 6 Winner:                          Classic 6×8 Hardcover Photo Book

Day 7 Winner:                          11×14 Premium Calendar

Day 8 Winner:                          $50 Picaboo Gift Card

Day 9 Winner:                          8×10 Photo Panel

Day 10 Winner:                        8.5×11 Classic Calendar

Day 11 Winner:                        $30 Picaboo Gift Card

Day 12 Winner:                        11×14 Collage Poster

Day 13 Winner:                        Classic 8.5×11 Leather Hardcover Book

Day 14 Winner:                        Madison Photo Book

GRAND PRIZE:                       FREE CRUISE from* & $500 Visa Gift Card**


To share the link to your Picaboo book follow these steps.

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By submitting this form, Picaboo reserves the right to use your images in any promotional or marketing materials. Any personal information, including email address and contact information, will be removed.


*3 or 4 night Carnival Cruise vacation for 2 departing Miami or Port Canaveral, Florida Sept 2012 – April 2013. Winner must choose their cruise date by March 16th 2012. Holidays [Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and New Years] are blacked out. Winner will receive a category 4A inside cabin.  Winners may purchase upgraded cabins at their own expense. Winner will be responsible for their own gratuities, transportation to the pier, and onboard expenses. Prize is not transferable. No cash substitutions.

**The $500 VISA Gift Card can be used towards travel to Miami or Port Canaveral, Florida.