Every holiday when I get those adorable photo cards, it puts a smile on my face. Once the season is over, I never want to put them away. A fun way to smile all year long, even after the holidays are over, is to snap a photo of each holiday card and assign it to a contact on your phone. I have been doing this for a couple years and it always makes me happy when my phone rings. It’s super easy and a great way to see your friend’s adorable photo throughout the year.

Step one: Set the card on a flat surface to take the photo. Be sure to let your phone focus before snapping the photo.

IMG_3920 2

Step two: On the iPhone, after you take the photo, a little rectangle with an arrow will appear on the bottom. Click this and then select “add to contacts”. Choose the contact or make a new one, then crop and move the photo to fit inside the square.

IMG_3926 2

Step three:  Save the photo as the contact.

IMG_3923 2

The next time your phone rings, you’ll be super excited to see all of the fun photos of your friends that pop up.

IMG_3914 (1) 2


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Laura Hamilton is a Bay area family portrait photographer who loves capturing giant smiles on little faces. When she’s not taking photographs, she’s a stylist and Mom to her two beautiful kiddos- who keep her on her toes!