Did you know that President’s Day weekend is one of the most traveled weekends? For a lot of us, a three day weekend in the winter makes us want to flee to a warmer destination, race down snowy mountains or explore a new city. Or maybe you’re staying put and enjoying some time in your own hometown with your extra day. Either way, head out your door because this week we will be on the go!

travel photography tips

I was actually traveling last weekend to one of my favorite cities in the world, New York City. When traveling, my photographer eye is always on the look out. There are so many photo ops that constantly jump out at me. From the beautiful sky lines and tall buildings to the benches and sidewalks, there is always something that is screaming at me to take it’s picture.

Let’s not forget, there are a few things to keep in mind when photographing travel, whether near or far!

travel photography tips

Travel Photography Tips
Week 8: 2/16 – 2/22

1. Mix up your shots. I am so guilty of this! I have a ton of pictures of the sights and the buildings. But I never take any pictures of those I am traveling with or where I stayed. And, most importantly, I never have any pictures of myself in these great places!

2. Don’t bring all of your gear. When traveling or heading into a big city, I never drag all of my gear with me. One, that would make my bag extremely heavy and my back would pay for it. But, also, you don’t want to risk anything happening to all of your stuff. I usually choose one lens {normally my 35 mm} and my camera body. I leave the zoom lens and the flash at home. The reason I chose my 35 mm over the zoom is that it handles low light extremely better and it’s lighter. There are times that I wish I had my zoom with me but the 35 mm wins out all of the time.

travel photogaphy tips

3. Capture where you are. You want to make sure that when you look at your photographs, you can tell where you were. Are you in a foreign county where another language is spoken? Make sure you get a picture with a sign in that language in the background. Maybe the place where you are visiting is known for their food. Get a picture of you and your dinner. This will help when looking back at photos. You’ll remember exactly where you were!

4.  Look for the small details. I love capturing the small things. Whether it’s a detail on a building, the shapes in a wrought iron fence or a cobblestone street, my eye is always drawn to the little things. Capturing the small details will give you a variety in the pictures from your trip.

travel photogaphy tips

This week, your challenge is to get out. Whether you are traveling to another city or just sticking to your hometown, use the above travel photography tips to show off how you are spending this long weekend! Make sure you share them with us on Facebook.


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