I love using embellishments. For me, that’s where all the fun in digital scrapbooking is. It really gets my creative juices flowing to take a blank page, select a background, arrange the photos, and then let my imagination go wild by adding embellishments. Embellishments are so easy to add to any project in Picaboo. Check out this short video to see just how easy it is to load elements from digital scrapbooking kits into your Picaboo project.

Most digital kits include backgrounds, alphas, and an assortment of elements. In this post I would like to focus on the ten elements that are my favorites to use in my digital projects.

1. Buttons – I really love them! You can find them in any color, lots of different shapes, and many come with ribbons or strings already attached. Some kits even have button clusters.

2. Frames – Frames are great for setting off any photograph. When you frame a photo on a page, it makes that photo the focal point of the layout. Frames can also be used to accentuate text boxes. You can also make a frame with a Picaboo background. To learn how to do this, read this post.

3. Stitching – Adding stitching to your layouts is a great way to make them more interesting. The stitch elements can be used in a variety of different ways, bringing diversity to your pages.

4. Ribbons and strings – These elements can be found in several different styles. Some of the kits contain already tied bows, straight or flat ribbons and strings, elements that are curved or twisted, and many that have something attached like a bow, a nameplate, a brad, or a ring. These elements can be added onto your layouts in unlimited ways.

5. Tags – I love tags for journaling, headings, titles, and small notations in my layouts. Tags are a fun way to bring visual interest to your pages. You can even put another element on top of a tag for a different effect.

6. Alphas – Many kits come with coordinating alphabets, numbers and symbols. These can be used to create your headings or titles. Alphas are a fun alternative to just using the text fonts found in your scrapbooking program.

7. Flowers – Flowers can be put anywhere on a page. They can be combined with ribbons, frames, buttons, anything!

8. Word Art – Many kits contain word art elements that make a statement based on the theme of the kit. For example, a summer kit may have word art that says “fun in the sun” or “splash time”. A Halloween kit might have word art that says “Trick or Treat” or “Spooky”. These elements are so fun to include in your layouts and are always more interesting than simple text.

9. Filmstrips – I have collected all the filmstrips I have ever found in a kit in a separate folder in my embellishments file. I love to use filmstrips on two page layouts. It is such a fun way to incorporate a lot of photos into your layout and it’s so different and unique.

10. Staples and tape – These elements are so fun to use on top of the corners of a photo. They make the photo look like it is actually “attached” to the page and add a great 3-D quality to your layouts.

Watch for future blog posts where I will show you ways to use these embellishments on your page layouts.  I would also like to give credit to the amazing designers of these embellishments.  Their talents are what makes it possible for people like me to create my photobook projects.  Many of them provide their artwork free of charge.  Thanks to you all!  Shabby Princess, Elise Hansen, Marcie Teckinger, Emily Powers, Roseytoes, RP Designs, Correen Silke, Mary Dargis, Rebecca Myers, Digital Diva, Just Me Digital and A Cherry On Top.

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