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Week Three Challenge: Take Better Cell Phone Pictures

Week Three Theme: Hungry

Using your cell phone for the 365 Project is must. If you are like me, you always, always have your phone attached to you. And, let’s face it, it’s easier to lug around than your camera.

1. Don’t Use the Zoom: Cell phone cameras may come with a zoom but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. When you zoom on your cell phone, the picture tends to get very pixelated. Instead, move your feet and get closer to your subject. Try to fill the frame as much as you can. Stand at least an arms’ length away from your subject to avoid being too up in their faces!

2. Find Good Light: A lot of cell phone cameras do not come equipped with a flash. If you do not have adequate lighting, your pictures are going to be dark and fuzzy. If you have to, throw on some extra lights. After some searching the world wide web, I found an inexpensive flash for your cell phone camera! Just pop that baby on and you will have a great light source.

3. Play around with Settings: I just learned that my camera phone has different settings, specifically white balance. This will help you with your lighting in different situations. On your iPhone, you can adjust the flash settings and zoom, and capture HDR photos. If you have a Droid like me, you can adjust the white balance, zoom, and metering {matrix, center, or spot}.

4. Hold Still: This is hard because 9 times out of 10 you are holding your phone with one hand. Try to brace your phone by using both hands if you can. If you can’t use two hands, prop your phone on a ledge or table to give you more stability.  Also, remember that your shutter may lag a few seconds after you push the button. Hold still until you know that the picture has been taken.

5. Keep the Lens Clean: Just like with your camera, it is important to keep your camera phone lens clean. The lens tends to get dirtier than your regular camera because of where you may keep your phone {purse, pocket, at the bottom of the bottomless pit}. Just use a small cloth to clean out any debris that may be in there to help keep your pictures sharp.

6. Buy an Accessory: Believe it or not, there are now accessories for your cell phone camera. You can buy tiny little lenses {fisheye, macro, and wide for example} that screw onto your cell phone camera lens. The possibilities are endless with these accessories!


The Challenge: They say you are what you eat! This week use your cell phone camera to capture your favorite meals. I tend to do this a lot and share them on Twitter. It also helps me remember, not only what I ate, but if I liked it and possibly the recipe!

Here are some things I made this week!