I can not believe that this time next week, Christmas will be over! All of the preparations. All of the stress. All of the hard work, gone in an instant! The kids fly down the steps, tear open their gifts, and it’s over. But, if you take the time to get ready beforehand, you won’t miss a thing!

Below are my 5 tips for photographing Christmas morning. A few of them may surprise you!

Tips for Photographing Christmas Morning


Week 52: December 21-27

1. Be prepared. Have your battery charged and your memory cards cleared! You don’t want to be fumbling around and miss out on any pictures. Remember, Christmas morning the kids will probably get up entirely too early and you’ll be in a fog when they’re opening their presents. By preparing these two very important items the night before, you will be ready to go!

2. Check your settings. Set your white balance accordingly {if you are going to be indoors, you will probably want it set for flash or incandescent lighting}. You may also need to bump your ISO as it will be dark in the morning. Which leads me to…

3. Use your flash. I know, I know. I am breaking my #1 rule. But I bend the rules when it comes to capturing Christmas morning. I always try to get the pictures without it but I have learned over the years that if I pop my external flash ahead of time, I won’t miss a single thing!

4. Get the details. You will be busy capturing the little one’s excited faces but don’t forget about the little details. The wrapping paper mess. Little hands holding their favorite new toy. Feet coming down the stairs. There are little moments going on all around you that you don’t want to miss!

5.  Put the camera down. Yes, put it down! Christmas morning is about enjoying that time with your children {especially if they are little}. Get the images that are on your “must-take” list and then put it down!

Your challenge this week is to capture Christmas morning and all of the holiday celebrations you have going on this week! Make sure you share your photos on Facebook!