Next week, the kids {and maybe some adults} will be dressing up in their scariest and cutest costumes! This is definitely a moment you don’t want to miss out on capturing. But this is also a time when I hate to lug around my dSLR. There are times when I want to just be in the moment and capture the moment. And it can be hard when you have your camera hanging around your neck.

These moments are when I rely on my cell phone. I know, I know. I just heard you all gasp at that. Truth be told, most of the photos of my kids are taken with my cell phone! I have learned some tricks to help these images look great! And now I am sharing them with you.

Tips for Halloween Cell Phone Pictures

Week 44: October 26-November 2

1. Find a light source. You all know how much I dislike using my flash. When I am out at night on Halloween, I always look for an alternative light source. It could be a street light or a car’s headlights. Anything! I had my son stand under some flood lights that were set up at the Halloween Parade.

2. Check your settings! Just like you should check the settings on your dSLR before shooting, check your settings on your cell phone. Most camera phones today allow you to adjust the ISO and even have scene modes. Choose the night mode to help with your lighting. You can also play around with White Balance and Exposure.

3.  Use a high resolution. If you want to print your pictures or use them in an album, you want to make sure you are saving them as a high-resolution.

4. Don’t zoom! When you zoom in on your cell phone, you will lose some quality of your image. Instead, use your feet and get in closer for the shot!

5. Stand still! Camera shake is really hard to avoid when taking a cell phone picture. Use both hands and steady yourself! This will help you get a sharp and crisp image.

6. Use an app. There are many great photo editing apps for your phone! If you use an iPhone, check out PicTapGo. Android user? Try Snapseed.

7. Get in the picture! This is a great time to flip that camera around and get a shot of you and your little ghost or goblin! They may not always be the best but you will cherish those pictures.

This week, your challenge is to put your dSLR or Point and Shoot down and learn some of the features on your cell phone camera. Make sure you share your photos on Facebook!