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Tip #6  Photo Back Up Solutions 1 2 3   

There is a painful truth we should all pay attention to, it isn’t a matter of IF your hard drive will crash but only a matter of when. It is hard to believe but all of your precious family photos and videos on your computer are a moment away from annihilation. Even if your hard drive doesn’t crash, you could be the victim of fire, flood, hurricane or theft. I recommend you safeguard your digital images with the 3-2-1 back up method. Keep 3 copies of your image; using 2 different types of media (for example; hard drive and optical drive) and store 1 copy offsite (cloud storage). This may seem like overkill but having your photos accessible in three places ensures that even if disasters strikes you will have access to your family history.


Tip #7 There is a Photo APP for that

One of the biggest changes to photography in the past few years is the advent of the cell phone camera. We now have a camera with us 24/7 allowing us to spend all of our time taking random photos of whatever strikes our fancy. I am amazed how much time I will spend taking photos of my sleeping dogs or my blooming spring garden, trying to get the perfect shot. My purpose is to then share the photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat. I know I am not alone! A recent study estimates that over 500 million photos are being shared a day. To meet this growing obsession, hundreds of apps are available to help you design the perfect photo. You can add filters, lighten, darken, crop, edit, create montages, slide shows to music and more all with the touch of a button. Here is a great overview of some of the awesome apps that will streamline and improve your ability to keep your photos organized, while you’re on the go.


Tip #8:  Art in Everyday Life, from the photo organizers

Today everyone can be an artist through photography. The ability to take photos at every instance has allowed every person the opportunity to highlight their own unique way of viewing the world. Photos can be placed on or in: canvases, posters, photo books, coffee mugs, jewelry, and so on. There’s no end to the amazing products we can now personalize with our own photo art. In my house growing up we had only a few pieces of art on the walls. I can clearly remember the painting that hung above our couch. Dark mountains and trees painted at dusk. I looked at it often but it was of a place I had never seen. The painting was impersonal. Now we can decorate our homes with personal artwork of family photos bringing the joy of art into our everyday lives.


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