Everyone loves cupcakes. They’re fun, festive and full of sugar. That’s why we thought they’d be the perfect subject for a Picaboo photo book. After all, have you ever met a cupcake you didn’t like? When we asked our Facebook fans to come up with a good title for a Picaboo book about cupcakes, we got some very creative responses. So many, that we got to thinking, wouldn’t a photo book based on cupcakes (or baked goods) be a fun read? With the holidays coming, sweet treats will be abundant. Take pictures and make a book of all your favorite holiday sweet treats. Or consider making a cookbook of your family’s traditional holiday foods.

To prepare yourself, take a look at this article that offers tips for taking pictures inside. Or this article that shares tricks for photographing food. And to get real inspired, take a look at this cookbook made for Grandma Billie or this Cookie of the Month Cookbook made by Shauna. Still want more? We’ve got a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial. Basically, we’ve got everything you need to make the perfect cookbook. All that’s left is a really good title.

And now…the winner of the cupcake contest is…

A delicious book by Bridgett Campbell.

Bridgett, please email FBFan@picaboo.com to claim your $30 Picaboo Gift Card.

And here are some great titles that were too good not to mention. Thank you all for submitting your titles. Do you have an idea for a future book title contest? Help us come up with the theme for our next contest by leaving a theme in the comments below. If we use your suggestion, we’ll give you a $30 Picaboo Gift Card!

It’s a Sweet Life
Marylyn Gibbs

Real Men Eat Cupcakes
Erin Allen

Don’t Eat the Pages!
Kim Eshbach Barger

A Cupcake a Day Makes the Happiness Stay!
Heather Ferrante Cathrall

Sprinkled with Love!
Heather Speers

Bite Me!
Casey Pfal Collins and Stephanie McCurry Boggs

Danyiel Vance Johnson

For the Love of Cupcakes 
Cathleen Worthington

You had me at Cupcake
Jayme Seidel

Batter Up!
Sue Bright-Moore