Today, I’m dreaming in backgrounds. If for a moment, you wouldn’t mind, let’s go on a dream trip. A bucket list of places and things I’d like to be doing right now. All inspired by Picaboo X backgrounds.

When my house is cold, I like to imagine I’m in Florida. Staring at the ocean from the warm fuzzy comfort of my towel.

 Picaboo Beach Towel Background

And then I get thirsty. (What? You don’t get thirsty in dreams?) So, I wander into the Tiki Hut for a cold, frozen beverage.

Picaboo Beach Vacation Background

The view is just amazing. (I could live here. And it looks like there’s plenty of room for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Bet there’s even space for a mudroom. But I digress…)

Just one of Picaboo's 20,000 images.

After a margarita, some salty snacks and the acquisition of two pounds, I’m ready for a nap. And look where I’m staying!!! (Eat your heart out, Mr. Trump!)

Picaboo has a versatile collection of backgrounds.

 I wake up craving lobster. I’ve never craved lobster in my life. But since I’m in a dream, I’m going with it.


 And of course, cake. I’m always in the mood for cake. Should I go for this one?

 Or this one?

Then someone mentions dancing. I think it was my husband. Or at least it sounded like him. But he looks like Richard Gere. And all of the sudden, the night takes a different turn…


Aren’t backgrounds fun? And they can really help tell your story. Digital backgrounds are one of the elements that has evolved scrapbooking into a sophisticated innovation of technology. Ok, so maybe it’s not Jetson’s but it’s a far cry from tearing pages out of Marie Claire for a fun and peppy background.

The key is accessibility and versatility. And Picaboo makes both easy. Here’s a quick demo that illustrates how easy they are to find.

After opening Picaboo X, click on the “Backgrounds” tab in the left sidebar. From there you’ll see a search field where you can type in the theme you’re looking for. For this example, I’m creating a vacation photo book. Once you see a background you like, click on it and add it to your book. Or, you can save it in photo tray by clicking the icon with the arrow pointing to the box. You can even save it in your favorites, if you plan on using it again by clicking on the heart icon.

And here’s another really cool feature. See the option below the search box that says: “Pick A Custom Color.” This allows you to create a background color that perfectly matches your pictures. It’s such a cool feature, we wrote a blog post about it.

Searching for Backgrounds is easy in Picaboo X.


But maybe you’re looking for something more textured. Or nostalgic? If you’re creating a Picaboo photo book of your last beach vacation, we’ve got 936 backgrounds. Love sports? We’ve got 160 backgrounds!

So you just came back from an African safari? Picaboo’s got you covered.

Are you into football? Check.

Vintage wallpaper? Check.

Retro holidays? Done.

Van Gogh? Yes.

Baby themes. Oh yeah!

Here’s the rule of thumb: If you can dream it up, Picaboo’s got it. With over 20,000 backgrounds to choose from, finding the perfect one is easy. Narrowing down your selection–that’s the hard part.

Now it’s your turn, how do you use backgrounds? Do you like them to match your pictures? Do you have a go-to file of saved backgrounds? Or do you prefer using your pictures as backgrounds? Tell us how you use them. We’re curious. We want to know more!

Looking for more fun ways to use Picaboo backgrounds? This tutorial shows you how to make a picture frame from backgrounds. This holiday book showcases new uses for backgrounds. This post shows you how to use backgrounds to propel your story forward. And this article walks you through Shauna’s creative process.