This post was written by Nelu, a Picaboo customer, with a forward by Becca. It begins with two confessions. Please don’t read them aloud.


Becca’s Confession: I love photos of life on the streets. When I lived in Boston, years back, I’d run around town taking shots of people with my handy Polaroid. Then, I taped the Polariods to my hallway wall. As you can imagine, I lost my security deposit when I had to rip all 456 Polaroids from the wall. And more than a decade later, most of the photos have faded. Some are ripped from the excessive use of tape they required to stick to stucco.I miss those days. And I don’t think of them often. But Nelu’s photo book triggered a memory in me and well, I had to share her book.


Nelu’s Confession: My iPhone is my baby ever since I was forced to part ways with my fancy shmancy dSLR. And when I discovered the greatest photography app in the world: Instagram, it was done deal. We were in love and getting married. Stay tuned for the Save The Date cards.

Instead of leaving everything on my phone and in the digital ether, I made this Picaboo book to preserve my favourite Instagram shots to date. I had a lot of fun arranging the pics in order. Each page has a theme, like Beautifully Weird Clouds, My Cat: The Poser, Dangerous Human-Animals, Dressed up as Devils & Deities, and Wishing Upon a Star. I also love living in Toronto (Tdot or Tronno are acceptable colloquialisms) and many of pictures are from being oot-and-aboot in my town. One thing I’ve noticed is that taking a lot of pictures helps me see that beautiful stuff is everywhere. And putting my photographs into a Picaboo photo book has help me share it with those who don’t use Instagram. Like my parents, and those poor folks with Androids.


Here are some of my favorite pages.


Page 4


I recently acquired a Vespa, which I am CRAZY in love with. I was stopped at a light for a while and noticed the man behind me in his funky little yellow “Mr. Bean” car. We were making eye contact through my mirror, with the feeling of mutual respect for our cool rides. There were winks and giggles, mostly by me, then by him when he saw I was taking a picture. Moments of lightness with fellow drivers is always welcome downtown.


Page 8


This HUGE lion head was in an art gallery window on Queen Street. When the lady inside noticed I was taking a picture of it, she played along and posed behind the lion’s head. At the same time, a streetcar whizzed by behind me, creating a line of movement. I dig the composition and timing of it all.


I’ve made a habit of making Origami cranes out of every scrap of paper I can find. This has been going on since the fifth grade after reading Sadako and The 1000 Paper Cranes. These are the tiniest cranes I’ve ever made. I used a tea bag tag as the paper.


Page 12


A few years ago I worked at Starbucks and the famous spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra came in at around 7 a.m. one morning. We had a great conversation and I gave him his coffee on the house. We were allowed to do that every so often for special customers. He was very grateful and asked me for my address so he could send me something. Who am I to say no to a famous spiritual guru? A few weeks later, after I told everyone in the world about our encounter, I got his latest book and his CD of Rumi Poetry. I’m not a big Twitter-er, but I’ve seen a lot of celebs interact with their followers, so I thought I’d message him and thank him directly. Within a minute he tweeted me back with a smile. It was an emoticon to remember.

And here are a couple more pages full of awesome shots in and around Toronto.
And what could be more fitting than ending the book with a Picaboo background of a Van Gogh painting. Thanks for sharing your photo book, Nelu!

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Ready to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more? Click here to see our weekly specials!

Ready to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more? Click here to see our weekly specials!