Can you believe this year is coming to an end? I hope you enjoyed revisiting the last 365 days and reviewing our challenges. I picked my favorite 10 challenges of the year. It was up to you to go on a scavenger hunt and show me your best! We saw a little action and showed some leading lines. There were beautiful silhouettes and a lot of red! You brought inanimate objects to life and made my tummy growl with yummy food. The golden hour was another favorite {it’s my favorite too} and your furry loved ones were showcased. This week was a lot of fun and I’m so excited for 2013’s The Places We’ll Go: 52 Week Project!

I also want to say thank you for all the lovely comments you have all left on Facebook. This year has been such a pleasure and I hope to see more photos from all of you in 2013!


the best of the 365 challenge scavenger hunt


365 scavenger hunt best of11 Debbie Marker | 2 Lisa Jolly | 3 Marsha Mood | 4 Melanie Barrett

365 scavenger hunt best of25 Anne Jones | 6 Vivian Clibon | 7 Terri Sims | 8 Barb Tatum

365 scavenger hunt best of39 Barbara Berg | 10 Tammy Thomas | 11 Sue Gilpin | 12 Bea Sweeney

365 scavenger hunt best of413 Antone Botelho | 14 Sue Beresford | 15 Becky Kiesel | 16 Tracey Skala-Miller

365 scavenger hunt best of517 Cheryl Miller | 18 Shauna Steed | 19 Nancy Bagwell | 20 Debbie Haggard

365 scavenger hunt best of621 Jann Kostka | 22 Kristi Shannon | 23 Linda Brown | 24 Jenny Arroyo

365 scavenger hunt best of625 Aurora Selbe | 26 Sherri Schierberl | 27 Betty Price | 28 Susan Padilla

365 scavenger hunt best of829 Mary Richards | 30 Linda Pierce | 31 Linda Kincaid | 32 Maryam Vahedi

Now that you’ve seen them, tell us which photograph is your favorite!

Missed the scavenger hunt? Check out the ten photography tutorials we used for this week’s 365 Challenge Scavenger Hunt. And, don’t forget to RSVP to our 2013 52 Week Project on Facebook! Your first challenge of 2013 will be coming to you tomorrow!


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