This post is a visual summary of two-page spreads. For me, two-page spreads stop me in my page-turning tracks. They catch me off guard, in a good way. And they’re a great way to showcase full-bleed images. If you’re making a book that’s going to be handled frequently and you want it to be extra durable and extra-special, you may want to opt for lay-flat pages.To learn more about lay-flat pages and how to turn your photos into two-page spreads, read this article.

Here are some gorgeous two-page spreads made by our customers.

Love this engagement two-page spread from Diane Marsico. What a brilliant idea!

Show off amazing photography with a two-page spread. Cathy Thompson took this shot in Mexico.

A two-page spread is a great way to capture a memorable trip. We love this layout from Amanda Black.


This two-page spread from Holly Davis is from a book celebrating her daughter’s second birthday. Nice background choice, Holly!

This two-page spread showcases a photo taken in Kenya by Photo Girl Canada.

Love the colors and the symmetry in this two-page spread from Tracilyn Scala.

Have a great sunset shot? Why not make it a two-page spread? Lara Riley took this shot in Fairhope, AL.

This african safari two-page spread works best with lay-flat paper because it needs the use of the gutter.

As always, Mary Dargis shines with her innovative use of a two-page spread. Mary, as you may remember is the artist behind the Mardi Gras books. Click on this picture to read about her New Orleans-inspired creations.

Love the use of this two-page spread by Jennie Lane Miklautsch.

A breathtaking sunrise shot taken by Photo Girl Canada.

This gorgeous two-page spread is from The Book of Emma by Megan Reid. Click on this picture to see the blog post about this amazing book.

Love how the picture frames mirror the bases in this two-page spread from Jennie Lane Miklautsch.

Cheryl Parker Miller is a pro at layering. Look how she layers images on top of her two-page spread to create texture and dimension. This is a great way to capture a memorable moment.

Another beautiful two-page layout from Diane Marsico.

Love this two-page spread from Cheryl Parker Miller. The colors work together perfectly!

This special photograph taken by Megan Reid was made for a two-page spread. Click on this picture to see the blog post about this amazing book.

The flow of this two-page spread is artfully done. This spread can be found in the book Tina & Justus' Wedding. Click on this picture to see the blog post about this amazing book.


Landscape images are perfect for two-page spreads.

This beautiful two-page spread was created by Leslie Gonce. She's the artist behind the I Love NY photo book. Click on this picture to see the blog post about this amazing book.


Why not use a two-page spread to showcase the wedding party? This two-page spread is from the wedding book created for Corey & Muyiwa. Click on this picture to see the blog post about this amazing book.


Have you made a book with a two-page spread you love? We’d love to see it! Share it on our Facebook page. To share a special two-page spread, take a screen shot and then post it like a photo.


 Still inspired? Check out this post that explains why lay-flat pages rock. Or take a look at this photo book of Italy that’s chock-full of breathtaking two-page spreads.