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Wanna see your life flash before your eyes. Or maybe just a year? Join us as we kick off our 365 Project. All you gotta do is take one picture each day! Along the way, we’ll keep you inspired with chances to win prizes (Picaboo cash, cameras and other fun stuff), shooting assignments, organizing tips and photo lessons.

This is a great chance to sharpen your photography skills, capture a year in your life and have fun. And of course, when the year is over, you’ll have an amazing photo book to show! You don’t need a professional camera to take part. Any camera will do. Even the camera on your phone. Think we’re kidding? Take a look at some of these images that were taken with an iPhone. This book was made by Brandon Scharr and photographed by Mike Carroll.


This spread shows some of the interesting numbers he found on the street.



Flowers were an unexpected theme in Brandon's book.



Even a fan or a beaten-up street can be a thing of beauty.

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365 Project Tips

Your camera is Your New BFF

Take her everywhere. Pop her in your purse, your glove compartment or your back pocket. You’re gonna be hanging out a lot this year. And remember: Any camera works!

Don’t Be A Scene Snob

Sometimes the best pictures happen in the grocery store or in line at the DMV. Pictures of shiny apples or shoes waiting in line can make for an interesting shot.

Shoot Differently

Vary your angles, your lighting and your subjects. One day you may take a picture of a plate of pasta. The next day, capture the foam from your latte or the toothy grin of your dog. Get down on the floor or the grass to get the shot. Or zoom much closer than is comfortable. Variety is key.

Organize Frequently

Since you’ll have 365 pictures at the end of year, its important to think about organizing your images. And we’ll help you with this along the way. Consider using Flickr or it’s app counterpart, Flickd. This free tool allows you to edit the file name and enter a description. We suggest you name your file  by the date it was taken. This will assist you later on. And Picaboo easily imports images from Flickr. Another app available at iTunes is Photo Manager Pro. This app allows you to create folders, rename photos, add captions, share pictures with your social networks, view Geotag and Exif along with many other fine features. This app retails for $1.99.

Find Your Story

Don’t worry about coming up with a consistent theme. Your story will come out through pictures and you may be quite surprised at the things that are important to you. Consider this a visual journey and you’re just along for the ride.

Take Notes

At the end of the year, you may forget why you shot that yellow leaf or the speeding taxi. But it caught your eye at that moment. Consider taking notes along the way that share some of your thoughts. This will help you frame your story at the end of the year.

Keep Going

If you miss a day, that’s ok. It happens. Take two pics the following day. Or there may be a moment when you think you’ve captured the whole world and there’s nothing left to shoot. When that happens, put yourself in a new environment. Take the kids out for ice cream or talk a walk around the block. You never what you find. But don’t quit because this is a really fun journey and you’re gonna love the results.

Got questions? Take a look at this FAQs post.

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