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Is Thanksgiving a holiday?

It seems like Thanksgiving has become more of a social gathering than a holiday. I’m ashamed to admit my family defines Thanksgiving as a plate of turkey, pumpkin pie and a seat in front of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I think we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving. And it’s not their fault.

I need to be a better example. I need to learn how to show my thanks. Not just say it. I pestered myself for a while wondering what the best method for saying thanks should be.

Calling everyone up on the phone? Nah. We’re all texters now anyway.

I considered baking cookies but I was out of flour.

Then I decided I’d send cards. Thanksgiving cards. You know, the ones with the big turkey and the cornucopia. I imagined a simple sans-serif type face with a beautiful, soft design in the background. But I came up short. No stores had Thanksgiving cards. There were tons of other cards. But I couldn’t find one that expressed gratitude besides traditional Thank you cards.

So I decided to create my own. Luckily, Picaboo offered everything I needed to get started. Their “My Own Design” card option made the process of creating a custom card really simple. All I had to do was choose a flat or folded card in landscape or portrait orientation. Once that decision-making was over, I imported my image. Since I use Photoshop all the time, it was fairly easy. I kept my card design to 1538 pixels x 2175 pixels to stay out of the cropping zone.





Since you can order Picaboo cards in small quantities, I decided to create a card for my photography clients. I usually send them a card after the New Year but it seems more appropriate to send them before Thanksgiving.

Have you ever thought about sending out Thanksgiving cards? Would you?


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