Big Picaboo software update today! After hours of coffee runs, days of white-boarding, and about a month of intense meditation (oh, and some software development), we bring to you more features, products and Picaboo fun!

1. Text-On-Spine: You can now add text on the spine of any hard cover Custom Cover book. Select from a variety of fonts; place the text at the top, middle or bottom of the spine; and use any color of the rainbow. Just open your book in Edit Mode and click on the spine caption box to get started. When your book is on the shelf, you’ll have an instant reminder of all the fun you’ve had!

2. Photo Panels: Photo Panels are a modern alternative to the traditional framed photo. The print is actually pressed into a black, glossy coated wood panel. Add a personal touch to your home or office decor by putting them in the office,  den, or family room. With Picaboo, it’s easy to create a completely customized Photo Panel for yourself or as a gift. Choose a single full-bleed image or choose a layout with multiple photos. And, as you’ve come to expect with Picaboo, customize your design by moving images around and adding captions too! Photo Panels are available in 5×7 ($14.99), 8×10 ($19.99) and 11×14 ($34.99). Learn more.

3. Sync: The new “Sync” feature allows you to sync your Picaboo projects on multiple computers so you can create, edit and order from wherever you are. Want to show the folks at your office your latest creation? Just use the Sync feature when you save your project at home and then fire-up Picaboo on your office computer and watch the project appear on your desktop! Learn more.

4. Minor Updates & Features:

  • BookGenie now supports the creation of square books. Just choose which book style you’d like when you click on a book that BookGenie created for you.
  • Single-pixel adjustments can be made to image wells using the arrow keys.
  • A center “snap-to” point has been added to the alignment guides to help pinpoint the center of a page.
  • Page layouts can be changed anytime, even while in Swap Mode.
  • A “Share” button has been added to the order confirmation page so that you can share your projects more easily after you’ve ordered them.

5. Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Spellcheck dictionary changes are now being saved.
  • Backgrounds can now be added to the Media Tray so that they can be used in image wells, etc.