It seems like the holidays are already in full force! I blame Mr. Turkey for being so late. I have been trying to respect the Turkey and hold off on doing any holiday decorating but it’s so hard and tempting. I love the mood it puts me in and it makes my house look so pretty and inviting.

Of course, I take a ton of pictures of our holiday setups. One, it helps me remember where I put things the year prior. Two, it just looks so pretty! So this week I am going to share with you how I get the perfect Holiday pictures.

Tips for Taking the Perfect Holiday Pictures

Week 49: November 30-December 6

Try out some macros. Whether you have a macro lens or just use the macro setting on your camera {look for the little flower symbol}, now is the perfect time to try your hand out macro photography. There are so many little details to capture. From ornaments to snowflakes to cookies, you won’t be short of subjects to photograph.

You can even achieve macro photography on your cell phone! Attachable micro lenses are available very inexpensively and can take your cell phone pictures to the next level!

Don’t forget the lights! There is an over-abundance of lights during the holiday season and they shouldn’t be missed. If you are trying to capture the lights during night time, you need to remember to stand really still or use a tripod.

If you are trying to turn those beautiful lights into amazing bokeh, use a large aperture, like f /1.8! This will keep your subject tack sharp and help you get that “blurred” effect.

Capture the moments.  There is so much going on during the holidays that you are not going to want to miss. So get on in there! Try putting your camera on burst mode. This will help you take a ton of pictures in a short amount of time. You are bound to get something! Also, this is the time to let the posing go. Of course, you want to make sure you capture everyone looking their best but by interrupting the moment to pose people could make the moment slip.

This week, your challenge is to capture the holidays. Are you putting up your tree? Hanging the lights? Or lighting the Menorrah? There are a lot of things to capture during this wonderful season! Make sure you share your photographs on Facebook!