How To: Take Better Landscape Photographs

  I have to admit that I don’t shoot a lot of landscape photographs. I am so busy capturing families, their memories, and their details, that most times I forget to take in the scenery. This has been a big goal of mine. Take a minute and actually look around. You never know what you […]

Traveling the USA with The Gonce Family

 Leslie Gonce is kind of a hero around our parts. She’s a Picaboo Pro and the Day 2 Winner in our Two Weeks of Love Contest. You may recall her amazing I Love New York photo book or her How To: Make a Vacation Book post. The cool thing about Leslie’s photo books is that […]

The Beauty of Two-Page Spreads

  This post is a visual summary of two-page spreads. For me, two-page spreads stop me in my page-turning tracks. They catch me off guard, in a good way. And they’re a great way to showcase full-bleed images. If you’re making a book that’s going to be handled frequently and you want it to be […]

Why Lay-Flat Pages Rock

 Lay-flat pages are a beautiful thing. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Hold on. Let me tell you about the glory of the lay-flat page. Lay-flat pages incorporate new binding technology that allows your book to lay perfectly flat when open. This extra-special paper incorporates a high-quality finish with extra durability. Since your book […]