Portrait Posing Tips

 Most days, my subjects tend to be people. From clients to my own children, I have people and posing on the brain. I used to get stuck when it came to posing but then I fell into a groove. I learned a few “rules” and once I started implementing those rules, things started to flow. […]

15 Window Lighting Photographs

 This week was all about putting away the flash. Windows are a great light source when shooting indoors. The best part? We all have one somewhere in our home that will give us great light. Whether you were capturing your loved ones or playing with light and inanimate objects, you really found the light this […]

Tips for Using Window Light

 We have been on this photography journey together long enough for you to know how much I love natural light. I cringe when I have to break out my external flash, not because I don’t know how to use it, but because I prefer the look of natural light. There are times when I am […]

15 ISO Photographs

 This week, we went back to the basics and discussed ISO: what it is, how to change it, and why we should use. You experimented with different ISO settings to see how it would effect the overall lighting in your images.  Here are this week’s 15 ISO photographs. 15 ISO Photographs 1. Marsha Mood – I […]

15 Spot Metered Photographs

 This week, we took a deeper look at metering, spot metering to be exact. From silhouettes to getting the proper exposure for your subject, you used spot metering in many ways this week! Here are this week’s 15 spot metered photographs. 15 Spot Metered Photographs 1. Linda Pierce – What an awesome sunset! The colors in […]

Spot Metering

 A while back, we talked about light metering and all of the different ways you can do it – matrix or evaluative metering, centered weighted,  and partial. Then, there’s spot metering. But what the heck does that really mean anyway? Don’t worry! This week, we are going to dive into spot metering and why and […]

15 Overexposed Photographs

 This week was all about breaking some rules! We talked about how overexposing your images can create mood, make your subject softer, and add some drama! From sunsets to the beach to in the clouds, you all looked like such rebels! Here are this week’s rule breaking 15 overexposed photographs! 15 Overexposed Photographs 1. Diana Uyder […]

Breaking the Rules: Overexposure

 The best thing about the rules of photography are that once you’ve learned them, it’s time to start breaking them! One of the rules that can easily be broken, especially during the bright summer months, is overexposure. We talk a lot about exposing a photo correctly and not having blown highlights or clipping your whites. […]

15 Photo Examples of Aperture

 Wow. That’s really all I can say about this week’s challenge. I could tell that you really enjoyed experimenting with aperture. I mean, your photos really speak for themselves. By focusing on your aperture and showing off some amazing bokeh, your photos became pieces of art. Here are this week’s amazing 15 Photo Examples of […]

Back to Basics: Aperture

 This week, we are going back to the basics. One of the most asked questions in photography is “How can I get a blurry background in my pictures?” I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been asked that! The blurry background that everyone tries to get has to do with the aperture […]