How to Take Great Group Photos

  This time of year, I spend most of my days photographing families.  Everyone wants that amazing family photo to feature on their holiday cards! I love taking group shots. Whether it’s for holiday cards, weddings, graduations or birthday parties, I love capturing those picture perfect moments between loved ones. And you will too after I walk […]

40 Tack Sharp Photos

 Way to go! You took on one of the hardest concepts in photography this week: taking tack sharp photographs. And, you blew me away. So much so that narrowing down the best of week was quite the challenge for me! 1 Vivian Clibon | 2 Ann Jones | 3 Ann Scott | 4 Tess Rollins […]

How to Get Tack Sharp Photos

  When I first started studying photography, I admired how great photographers took tack sharp photos. I read and practiced and studied (and studied some more) until I too mastered this skill. From experience, I know that sharpness can be one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects to grasp when learning how to use your […]

28 Night Photographs

 Though the costumes are stored, candy is (almost) gone and cobwebs are cleaned your night photography has kept me in the Halloween spirit! This week your challenge was to bring the dark to light. I’d like to think that my 6 tips on taking photos at night was a huge factor to your photography successes. However from […]

28 Best of the Week Photos

 This week your beautiful photographs really showed off your understanding of dragging the shutter. These photos are some of my favorite so far! I am so proud of each and every one of you and how far your photography skills have come. This was not an easy challenge and you all pushed yourselves to master it. So, […]

Dragging the Shutter

  Remember talking about when and how to use our flash a few weeks ago?  To make sure I answer all your questions, I am going to dive a little more into using flash this week just for you. It’s happened to the best of us. Those times when you take a photo using the flash and […]

40 Vibrant Photographs

 This week, we talked about how to photograph the vibrant colors around us. I loved seeing the variety of photographs from foliage to food to inanimate objects. Here are the best of the week! 1 Denise Shuff | 2 Vicki Horvath-Greene | 3 Ann Scott | 4 Susan Padilla 5 Barb Tatum | 6 Vivian […]

How to Photograph Vibrant Colors

 Fall has finally arrived! And, with it comes the bright and bold colors of leaves, pumpkins and other fall vegetation. These vibrant colors are stunning. When captured in a photo, the rich yellows, oranges and reds can really stand out.  However, knowing how to photograph vivid colors can be tricky. Here are eight tips to […]

36 Water Droplet Photographs

 Did you guys have fun this week? It sure looked like it! Your water droplet photographs were amazing. I loved the creativity in some and the simplicity in others. You embraced my eight tips on how to photograph water droplets and it shows in your photographs. Once again, you made it hard to select the […]

How to Photograph Water Droplets

    This week has been gray, drizzly and dreary around these parts. Normally it would mean that I would be stuck inside with nothing fun to capture. But I didn’t let a little rain stop me. I braved the rain drops and was on the hunt for some fun water droplets. There were plenty […]