The Best of the 365 Challenge Scavenger Hunt

 Can you believe this year is coming to an end? I hope you enjoyed revisiting the last 365 days and reviewing our challenges. I picked my favorite 10 challenges of the year. It was up to you to go on a scavenger hunt and show me your best! We saw a little action and showed […]

32 Photos Capturing the Holidays

 You have really put me in the holiday spirit with all of your fantastic photographs this week! It was so nice to get a glimpse of how you and your families celebrate the holidays. You really captured the joy of the season and I could tell you paid attention to my photography tips on capturing the […]

Tips for Capturing the Holiday Season

 Tis the season for taking pictures! From twinkling lights to tall Christmas trees to flickering candles on the Menorah, the holidays are bursting with precious photo opportunities. Most importantly, the holidays are also full of  priceless candid moments when friends and family gather.  And, to capture all of these memories, there are a few things […]

32 Textured Photographs

 I couldn’t get enough of your texturized photos! I could tell you guys really enjoyed adding texture to your photographs. Whether you chose to make a vaseline filter, used saran warp or tried some post-processing editing, this week’s pictures were truly stunning! 1 Linda Kincaid | 2 Lynne Withrow  | 3 Marsha Mood | 4 Debbie […]

Adding Texture to Your Photographs

  Adding textures to your photos is one of photography’s hottest new trends. Using textures can give your photos an old, stylized, or even classic feel to them. It’s also a way to spotlight your creativity and transform your photos into works of art. There are two ways you can add texture to your photos: […]

32 Picture Taken Through Glass

 Whether you were shooting animals at the zoo, at the aquarium or even stuck inside on a snowy day, I loved your shooting through the glass photos. Whether it be your raw talent, my 6 tips for shooting through glass, or a combination of the two, you guys took some beautiful photos! 1 Kristi Shannon | 2 […]

How to Take Pictures Through Glass

  How many times have you visited the aquarium or zoo and attempted to take a picture through the glass and all you captured was glare, your reflection or a huge bright spot thanks to your flash? Say hello to beautiful photos taken through glass! These tips and tricks will have you taking perfectly clear pictures through […]

26 Zoom Effect Pictures

 This week, I could tell you had a lot of fun experimenting with the zoom effect. With practice and using my tips, you mastered this special effect! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude! 1 Ann Scott | 2 Vivian Clibon | 3 Susan Slattery | 4 Anne Jones 5 Barb Tatum | 6 […]

Photography Technique: Zoom Effect

 All of you have really rocked these challenges so far. Your photography skills have clearly improved and your photos are always the cherry on top to my day. So this week, I want us to really have some fun with our cameras! This week’s challenge is the Zoom Effect. Let’s just dive right into it. […]

24 Group Photos

 Your creativity really shined this week! From family to animals and even inaninate objects, you took the concept of group photos and made it your own. It’s clear that my 8 tips for taking group photos helped you capture the perfect group shot. 1 Anne Jones | 2 Susan Padilla | 3 Sue Gilpin | 4 Becky […]