15 Photos that Tell a Story

 This week was all about using our photography to tell a story. More specially, I challenged you to tell your story in only 5 photographs, boy did you rise to the challenge! It can be hard to fit the story into only 5 frames but you took my tips and made it work! This week also gave […]

Categorize, Protect, and Delete: This Week’s Photo Organizing Tips

 We are continuing our series of tips on how to organize your backlog of printed and digital photos, media, and memorabilia. Check out last week’s entry here: http://bit.ly/14zk0Pn Tip #3 Don’t Forget Your ABC’S Now that you have culled and sorted your photos into piles, the fun part begins. Next you’re going to looking at each photo […]

Telling a Story with 5 Photos

 As a photographer, I use my photographs to tell a story. Even when I am photographing families, I try to have the photos reflect their family story. I do this by capturing their personalities, use poses to convey a feeling, and definitely use my setting to enhance. There are times when the story is easy […]

Reflecting on Our Photography Journey

 This week, we took a break from techniques and lessons and looked back on the things that we have learned on this photography journey. I have been wanting to write that post for a while now and it seemed like the right time. In turn, I loved looking through the Facebook pictures and seeing what you […]

Photos Tell Your Story: Organize them Appropriately

 Did you know that we take more photos in 2 minutes today, than all of humanity took in the 1800’s? Photos are the memory keepers of our personal story. They are reminders of love, laughter, good times, vacations, family, friends and traditions.  They help us reflect and remember a life well lived. Yet today we […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Photography

 I first picked up my big girl dSLR camera four years ago. I knew nothing about a dSLR when I purchased it but I knew it could do amazing things. My husband made me promise him that I would learn how to use and not just let it be an expensive point and shoot camera. And I did. I […]

15 Letter Photographs

 I knew you guys would love this challenge! It’s a favorite of mine and really helps you stretch your creativity. You opened your eyes and looked around you to find the letters that are hidden in every day objects. Here are this week’s 15 letter photographs! 1. Carmen Carde – I love this take on the letter […]

Creative Photography: A to Z Photography Project

 When I am not photographing adorable children and smiling families, I have a little project on the side. I am currently working on an A to Z photography project. It is a great way to for me to exercise my creativity and photograph something other than people. It’s a great photography rut buster and can help expand […]

15 Light Filled Photographs

 This week, your challenge was to find the light to enhance your photographs. From the golden hours to after dark, you were definitely on a mission to find the best lighting for your subjects. Here are this week’s 15 light filled photographs.   1. Vivian Clibon – I love the golden hours, especially at the beach! 2. Becky […]

Finding the Light to Enhance Your Photography

 Being a natural light photographer, I am always on the hunt for the perfect lighting. When you are working with a natural light source, you have to train your eyes to find the light, to see how it will affect your photo. Over the years, I have learned some tips and tricks that would help […]