15 Photos Mastering White Balance

 This week, we talked about how you can manipulate colors in your photos with white balance. Playing around with the different white balance settings such as cloudy, daylight, and tungsten can turn a photo from ordinary to extraordinary. And it’s so much fun! With a click of a button, you can give your photo a […]

Manipulating Color with White Balance

 Now that you’ve mastered composition in your shots, it’s time to dive into another photography technique that is essential to professional-looking photos – white balance! For those of you who participated in last year’s 365 Project, you remember when we talked about how to set a custom white balance. If you are new this year, feel […]

15 Photos That Mastered Composition

 This week, we switched gears and focused on the composition our photographs. Composition can literally make or break a photograph – and your shots were truly impressive. You guys made it extremely difficult this week to just pick 15! You really applied my tips. From filling the frame to using negative space to finding natural […]

Mastering Composition

 We have been focusing a lot on our creativity as photographers – finding inspiration, switching up our angles, and playing with different types of subjects. This week, we are going to change our focus and think a little bit more about technique. One of most important photography skills you can have is mastering composition. We’ve […]

15 Food Photographs

 This week was such a treat! I don’t think you can ever take too many photographs of food. I’m glad you all agree! You guys definitely enjoyed some delicious food this week and improved your photography skills.  From adding ingredients as props, to enhancing your shots with complementary colors, to improving your attention to detail, your food […]

Food Photography Tips Part 2

 The smell of BBQs, patriotic garb, and (hopefully) sunny skies are upon us- it’s Memorial Day weekend! With Memorial Day usually comes picnics and barbecues. And what better way to enjoy all of the yummy food than to photograph it? So, before you dive in, snap some pictures! Food photography is a fun way to […]

15 Milestone Moments

 This week was all about capturing those milestone moments. From special every day moments to life changing events, you all had something worth celebrating this week! Thank you for sharing these memories with us. Cherish and pass down these photos, they are priceless. I found so much inspiration in all of your work this week. […]

Capturing Milestones

 First smiles, first steps, first words – we become delightfully obsessive about capturing all of our first baby’s milestones. But it shouldn’t stop there! With crazy schedules and long check lists, capturing important moments seems to be the first thing we stop doing.  Whether you’re a parent or not, we must slow down every now […]

15 Pictures of You

 This week, I challenged you {and myself} to step out from behind the camera. I loved seeing all of your faces! All of us should continue to put ourselves out there and in front of the lens. Otherwise, there will come a time that we will regret not having those pictures with the kids, grandkids, significant others, […]

Getting in Front of the Camera – How to Look Your Best in Photos

 If you’re like me, you feel way more comfortable behind the camera than out in front. It’s sad , but true. It’s ironic that, as a photographer, I find myself hiding behind the camera way too often – offering to take the group shots so that I don’t have to be in them. The end […]