40 Photographs of Food

  This week, you shared some mouth-watering pictures of food! You took my tips for food photography and ran with it. All of your shots made me hungry and made it difficult to pick the best of the week. Here are the best food photographs! 1 Marsha Mood | 2 Maryam Vahedi | 3 Melanie […]

7 Tips For Taking Better Photos of Food

 Summer is just about over and Fall is almost here.  And with Fall comes amazing foods: Hearty stews, warm apple pies and all-things pumpkin. As you dive into all the delicious foods common during this time of the year, make sure you grab some photos. After all, you worked so hard on making {or buying!} the […]

Food Photography: The Power of Natural Light

 It feels strange to write about food photography because I’m not an authority on the subject. I took Photography 101 in college but I’ve never attended a food photography conference and I may be the least technical person you’ll ever meet. Even so, I feel like I’m learning more about what seems to make a […]

How To Cook Up a Picaboo Cookbook

  Have a ton of recipes lying around? Why not make a Picaboo cookbook? It’s easy and fun! Here are the four simple steps to help you create a one-of-a-kind cookbook. Step 1: Gather Your Recipes The first step is to gather all of your recipes. You can use your favorite recipes from recipe cards, magazines, […]