Shooting The Streets of Toronto

 This post was written by Nelu, a Picaboo customer, with a forward by Becca. It begins with two confessions. Please don’t read them aloud. *** Becca’s Confession: I love photos of life on the streets. When I lived in Boston, years back, I’d run around town taking shots of people with my handy Polaroid. Then, […]

Traveling the USA with The Gonce Family

 Leslie Gonce is kind of a hero around our parts. She’s a Picaboo Pro and the Day 2 Winner in our Two Weeks of Love Contest. You may recall her amazing I Love New York photo book or her How To: Make a Vacation Book post. The cool thing about Leslie’s photo books is that […]

My London Photo Book Made with Instagram and An iPhone

 Ahh, London. When I think of London, I’m instantly transported back to my 15 year old self — an impressionable young lass, torn between history and boys with accents. I also had a mock Princess Diana hair cut and the sense of dignity needed to be faux royalty. Let’s just say my leather jacket and […]

A Trip to Europe Captured Using Instagram

 This article was written by Rachel Logan. You may remember her from the beautiful cookbook that celebrated pie and her grandmother Billie. Or you may recall her article about the effects of natural light when photographing food. Recently, she took a trip to Europe and captured all of her memories using Instagram, a fun photo […]

8 Smart Phone Photo Apps

 Being a mom, I am always trying to capture memories of my kids as they happen. That is why I am madly in love with my iPhone’s camera and the plethora of apps it has. I justify the cost by telling myself that $3 in apps is very affordable for how much editing I can […]