Baylee Does Hawaii

 Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to turn your vacation photos into a fun Picaboo photo book. When Shauna got home from her family trip to Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands, she made this lovely photo book for her granddaughter, Baylee. Shauna is one of our resident Picaboo Pros and from […]

A Swim Team Photo Book

  Photo books have always made great gifts and when it comes to swim team gifts, they’re pretty popular. This fun swim team photo book was given as a gift to Coach Theresa and Coach Angel in appreciation of a great swimming season. This Classic Custom Photo Book created by Picaboo Pro, Heidi Kalpak details the events of the […]

Starstruck: A Dance Recital Photo Book

 Dance recitals are big moments for kids. They show off handwork, persistence and make great subjects for Picaboo photo books. This Dance Recital Book made by Shauna, one of our Picaboo Pros, is full of great layout ideas, beautiful embellishments and it features lay-flat pages. Take a look at this lovely Dance Recital memory book. […]

8 Fun Picaboo Kids Books

 I love kids books. They’re different from wedding, vacation or anniversary books because they’re more whimsical. You can play around with fun hot pink backgrounds and polka dot patterns. You can add bold colors and silly captions. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a kid’s photo book with Picaboo. But if you’re […]

Alice’s Counting Book

 I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it 1,000 more times. But one of the best things about my job is seeing all the books our customers make. I’ve seen tons of kids books because kids make great subjects. But this is the first counting book I’ve ever seen. And since it was new […]

Pirate Birthday Party Book

 Once you reach a certain age, birthday parties lose a lot of the joy they once held. As adults, we tend to think sadly about the next birthday. But when you’re a kid, birthday parties are the best day EVER. Around our house, when one birthday is over, we start talking about next year’s. My […]

How To: Make an ABC Photo Book For Your Child

 “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss. It’s no secret that books are great gifts for children.  What could be better for a small child or beginning reader than a book completely personalized for them?  ABC Books are the perfect […]

Cozette’s Trip to Disney

 Often, we hear customers say that Picaboo is user-friendly. We love to hear these words because we know you want to spend time making your book, not learning how to make it. This post includes a book made by an eight-year-old. How’s that for user-friendly? Last year, Cozette and her family took a vacation to […]

Capturing Baby’s First Moments: Top 10 Notable Firsts

 This post was written by Maricris Guadagna. When I became a mom, I shed happy tears. Happiness filled my heart just looking at my little bundle of joy. I couldn’t wait to bring her home and enjoy her first precious moments with me. And so the firsts came and I was determined to document and preserve […]