2012 Calendar: Women I Admire

 Most of my friends are feisty women. Loud-spoken gals raising more loud-spoken girls. We’re a whole new generation. A dynamic grouping of women that know what we want and aren’t afraid to go after it. But every now and then, I need a reminder. Because sometimes the world is hard and I feel pushed down. […]

5 Cool Things About Picaboo Calendars

 We’ve asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite Picaboo calendar features. Since many of our fans were surprised with all our cool features, we thought we’d share them with everyone. Plus, it is calendar season. And if you don’t want to spend your whole year staring at another uninspiring bank calendar, now’s the time to […]

8 Fun Calendar Ideas

 2012 is almost here! And the big question remains: What calendar are you gonna stare at all year? Let’s hope it’s not the free bank calendar with the sad blue background. This year, do something different. Create a custom Picaboo calendar with your own theme and design. It’s easy and fun. How easy? Check out this […]

Custom Calendars: The Gift That Lasts All Year

 I never know what to get my Grandma. She doesn’t need anything. All she wants is for me to come visit. Since she lives 500 miles away, we stay in touch through the photos. I do text photos on occasion, but she’s not that handy with the new technology. (And by new, I mean 1985.) So […]

4 Memorable Gifts You can Make in 20 Minutes

 There’s nothing better than a handmade gift. But handmade gifts take TIME. That’s why we’ve put together a list of four personal gifts you can make in less than 20 minutes. Ready? Open up Picaboo X, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and let’s pump out some custom holiday gifts. Gift Idea #1 Want to […]

Creating Memorable Promotional Calendars for Your Business

  Every year, I get a ton of marketing materials from the companies and vendors I’ve used. My mailbox fills up with pens, sticky notes and squeeze balls. All of these toys go to my children. My daughter loves to doodle and my dog likes chewing. But the one promotional piece I never give away […]