It is officially summer! Are you heading to the beach or taking a road trip to celebrate the season?  However you celebrate the warmer weather, longer days, and endless sunshine, there are a few things to keep in mind when shooting in the summertime.

One of the best parts about the season is spending so much time outdoors. When photographing outdoors in the summer, there’s opportunity to be flexible with your subject matter. With so many photographic possibilities, we must take advantage of the seasonality. Let’s take some amazing summer shots!

Summer Photography Tips

summer photography tips

Week 26: June 22-28

1. Bright Lights! Watch out for bright sun exposure. Carry a lens hood to prevent flaring and use a polarizing filter to reduce reflections. This will also help bring out the details in the sky. This is a great time to use natural light to your advantage. You will be able to use a smaller aperture {larger f/ stop} keeping as much in the picture in focus as possible. But remember, a bright day isn’t always a good day to photograph! A bright day will add shadows and high contrasts to your photograph.

2. Use color! After months of dreary weather, color is out in full bloom during the summer months. Summer brings rich, saturated colors. Include strong, bright colors in your photographs to give your viewer a full sensory experience. I love warm photographs because they bring to mind warm temperatures. In contrast, bringing some cooler tones into your photos can give your image a feel of refreshment, like in a pool or the ocean.

summer photography tips

3. Watch out for overexposure! I’m not just talking about with your images either! Make sure you slather on the sunblock before heading outdoors. As for your pictures, if you increase your shutter speed a bit you can avoid overexposing your images as well.

summer photography tips

4. Put your subject’s back to the sun. This is the best way to avoid them squinting in your images!  I always remind myself that if I am squinting, my subject is not! This will create some nice backlighting. If you want to avoid backlighting, use your camera’s fill flash option. The flash will illuminate your subject while the camera exposes for the background. This will result in an even-exposed photo.

summer photography tips

5. Protect your camera. Summer months bring out a lot of hazards for your camera. Splashes from the pool, mist from the ocean, and tiny specks of sand can all wreck havoc on your camera. When I head to the beach, I pack my kit lens that I rarely use. If sand were to get in my lens, I wouldn’t be as upset as if it were my beloved 35 mm.

summer photography tips

This week, I want to see how you are kicking of the summer season! Make sure you share your photos on Facebook.


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