Every now and then it’s nice to look back and review some of the posts we’ve really enjoyed. Here are four posts that warmed our heart, spooked us, made us think a little differently and taught us something new. Enjoy!

This is a beautiful adoption story. Click on the picture to read the post.

Everyone needs a feel-good story. And this amazing photo book is just that. Read the tale of a sweet boy who found the perfect family through adoption.

This is a fun book to read. Click on this picture to view the post.

We know it’s not Halloween but Mary’s Scary Halloween Book book is fun to relive even in the middle of Spring. And it’s made by one of our Picaboo Pros, Mary.

With over 20,000 backgrounds, it’s easy to write about them. Click this picture to read the post.

Backgrounds, backgrounds and more backgrounds. Can you tell we’re crazy about backgrounds? And we should be! With over 20,000 backgrounds, you’ll find it’s easy to write a story about them. This post is a fun story created with Picaboo backgrounds.

Taking cell phone pictures isn’t easy. Here are a couple of tips.

If you’re like most people, you take a lot of pictures with your cell phone. This quick article shares some tips and tricks for getting great shots. And it’s written by our 365 Photography Challenge photographer, Stephanie Glover.