This week, we took a break from techniques and lessons and looked back on the things that we have learned on this photography journey. I have been wanting to write that post for a while now and it seemed like the right time. In turn, I loved looking through the Facebook pictures and seeing what you have learned.

It was too difficult to narrow it down to 15 photos so I am sharing with you all of my favorites this week!


1. Brandy Bieber – I absolutely love the point of view you used on this! It makes him look like he’s sitting on top of the world!

2. Jan Sumner – Look at those cuties! And what an adorable Lemonade Stand. I love colors in this – I don’t know if you planned them or they just happened but they go together very well.

3. Tracey Miller – I really like that you took a different approach at capturing a sunrise {or was it a sunset?} You added some dimension and texture by creating the silhouette with the tall grass.


4. Marsha Mood – This is an amazing Macro! Not only did you capture a great subject but your image is tack sharp and the details are stunning!


5. Barb Tatum – I can see why you won a red ribbon for this one! You really took your time to set up this shot so it was just the way you wanted it.


6. Jann Kostka – This really stood out to me while looking through all of the pictures this week. You have a lot of depth and dimension going on in this one!


7. Vivian Clibon – This is absolutely breathtaking! Blow that baby up and hang it proudly on your wall!


8. Cheri Pittman – This little guy is so adorable! You took your time and waited for the right moment to capture this sweet expression.



9. Mary Richards – Ahhh the golden hours! The light is so beautiful and really adds some mood and drama to your photograph.


10. Barbara Berg – I love that you focused on the cupcake! You can still make out the concentration on his face as he decorates his treat!


11. Terri Sims – Where did you capture this green friend? Your image is so sharp and you managed to get some light in his eyes!



12. Darlene Willner – This is a great example of using negative space in your photographs, especially when you follow the rule of thirds.



13. Linda Pierce – I love that you got down on the ground to get this vantage point.



14. Bea Sweeney – What a gorgeous beach shot! Love the drift wood among the waves.



15. Jillian DesRoches – What a great portrait! I wish I had a location like this to shoot!


16. Susan Padilla – This looks like a post card! I love the golden hues and the placement of the pier in the left hand side.



17. Debbie Marker – Normally, I am not a fan of selective coloring. It has to be done right and fitting. And you totally nailed it with this one!



18. Judy Macedo – Another great macro shot! I love that you chose to photograph the underside of the flower.



19. Peg Brantman – This reminds me of fall {which is right around the corner!}. I really love the tones and dimension in this photograph.



20. Wendy Martelle – Love this panorama! The fall colors are so vibrant!


Now that you’ve seen the best of the week, head on over to Facebook and tell us which one was your favorite!

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