This book was made by Helen as a present. “I made this book for my friend’s son for Christmas when he was 2 years old.  He absolutely loves the book and has learned to read as a result.”

What a great present: The gift of reading and a lovely book! Reagan’s Busy Day is a fun children’s book about a boy named Reagan. In this book, we follow Reagan throughout his very busy day. We see him at the zoo, eating pizza with his dad, working in the garden, playing with Grandma, swimming with Uncle Howard and relaxing with his cousin. Through his adventures, we meet all the people who are important in his life.


One of the reasons this book works so well for kid is because it was designed simply. Simplicity is key when creating a children’s book because you want the images and the messaging stand out. We love Helen’s use of baby boy-inspired backgrounds to showcase her pictures. They’re light, soft and playful.

We love how this book includes many of the silly things that kids do. Witnessing Reagan being silly at breakfast and trying to comb his hair, transforms this from a book into a time capsule. Plus, we love how the book ends with Reagan going to sleep, tushie pointed in the air, completely out. Isn’t that how your kids slept?

Making a children’s book highlighting daily activities and family members is a great way to introduce a young one to their surroundings. And it also helps with object and facial recognition as well as learning sight words.

Inspired? You can make your own baby book by starting here.

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