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The 365 Project: Overview
See the book that inspired The 365 Project and read some important tips.

The 365 Project: FAQs
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Weekly Challenges:
Each week, we’ll provide a new theme and an educational post. The goal of each theme is to help you take better pictures and keep shooting! You can follow the themes or do your own thing!


stephanie glover a grande life stephanie glover photography

 All of our challenges are designed with the help of photography expert, Stephanie Glover.  Stephanie is a Philadelphia-based photographer that captures weddings, families, and couples in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. To see some of her amazing photographs, take a look at her portfolio. She is also the proud mom of two very sweet boys. You can read her trials and tribulations on her blog.



Week One Learn how to shoot a bokeh

Week One: Best of ShotsHere’s a visual summary of some of the best shots from Week One.


 Week TwoUnderstanding Manual Settings on Your Camera

Week Two: Best of ShotsHere’s a visual summary of the some of the best shots from the week.




Week ThreeTake Better Cell Phone Pictures

Week Three: Best of ShotsHere’s a visual summary of the some of the best shots from the week.



Week Four Understanding White Balance

Week Four: Vote for your favorite PictureThis week, we want your opinion. What was your favorite picture?


Week Five: 6 Tips for Capturing A Sunrise

Week Five: Best of ShotsHere’s a visual summary of the some of the best shots from the week.

6 Tips for Capturing a Sunrise


Week Six: Nighttime Silhouettes

Week Six: Best of ShotsHere’s a visual summary of the some of the best shots from the week.


Week Seven: How To: Take A Self Portrait

Week Seven: 47 Self Portraits:  From pictures in a spoon to a toaster, here are some of our favorite pictures from the week.


Week Eight: Shooting With Creative Angles

Week Eight: 37 Amazing Shots: This week, Stephanie picks her favorite shots and tells us why she loves them.


Week Nine: Understanding Exposure

Week Nine: Finding the light in 35 Steps: Stephanie picks her favorite shots from the week and adds commentary!

Week 10: How To Choose A Lens

Week Ten: 40 Shots of Shapes: This week, Stephanie picks the top 40 images. Which is your favorite?

Week 11: The Rule of Thirds

Week Eleven: 44 Images Following The Rule of Thirds: This week, Stephanie picks the top 40 images. Which is your favorite?



Week 12:  Understanding Leading Lines

Week Twelve: 48 Lines Leading Us Through A Story: This week, Stephanie picks the top 48 images that use leading lines. Which is your favorite?

Week 13: Cropping Do’s and Don’ts

Week Thirteen: 40 Ways To Crop A Photo: This week, Stephanie picks the top 40 images. Which is your favorite?

Week 14: Reading Histograms

Week 14: Best of the Best: Here are 36 images shot with excellent lighting.

Week 15:  How To Capture A Sun Flare

Week 15: Best Pictures From The Week: Here are 35 ways to capture a sun flare.

Week 16:  How To: Create Your Own Bokeh

Week 16: Top 10 Bokeh Pictures: This photos this week were stunning. See for yourself!

Week 17:  How To: Photograph Flowers

Week 17: 40 Amazing Floral Photographs: The photos this week were stunning. See them for yourself!

Week 18:  How To: Shoot The Color Red

Week 18: 36 Photos of Red: The photos this week will have you seeing red. In a good way!

Week 19: Back Lighting + 3 Tips for Shooting Women

Week 19: 32 Backlit Pictures of Women: The photos this week are lovely and perfect for Mother’s Day!

Week 20: Taking Pictures on a Cloudy Day

Week 20: 40 Photographs of Clouds: Check out these amazing cloud photographs.

Week 21:  Editing Your Pictures with PicMonkey

Week 21: 10 Photos Edited with PicMonkey: Steph picks the top 10 edits from the week.

Week 22: How To: Photograph Your Dad

Week 22: 32 Pictures of Dads: Steph picks the top photos from the week.

Week 23: 8 Tips to Turn Snapshots into Portraits

Week 23: 36 Snapshots turned Portraits: Steph picks the top photos from the week.

Week 24:  How To: Take Action Shots

Week 24: 40 Amazing Photographs In Motion: Steph picks the top photos from the week.


Week 25: How To: Convert Color Photos into Black and White

Week 25: 36 Amazing Black and White Photographs: Steph picks the top photos from the week.



Week 26: Formula for the Perfect Picture

Week 26: 40 Picture Perfect Photographs: Each week it gets harder and harder to pick the best pictures.


Week 27:  How To: Photograph Fireworks

Week 27: 40 Beautiful Fireworks Displays: This week, your pictures came alive with fire and light!


Week 28:  3 Focusing Techniques for dSLRs

Week 28: 44 Tack Sharp Photographs: You’ll love these shots, they’re amazing.


Week 29: How To Bring Life To Inanimate Objects

Week 29: 44 Still Life Photographs: The photographs keep getting better and better. See for yourself!

Week 30:  Understanding Your Light Meter

Week 30: 40 Metered Photographs: Here are the best photos using different metering options.


Week 31:  How To: Take Better Landscape Photographs 

Week 31: 40 Beautiful Landscape Photographs: Here are the best landscape photographs.

Week 32:  How To: Make Your Pictures Look Better on Facebook

Week 32: 40 Photographs That Study Size: Here are 40 amazing photos from the week.


Week 33: Taking Photographs in the Mid-Day Sun

Week 33: 36 Sunny Photographs: Here are 36 amazing photos from the week.


Week 34: How To Photograph Water

Week 34: 34 Amazing Shots of Water: We were blown away by the great photographs taken this week.


Week 35: How To: Photograph Pets

Week 35: 47 Pet Portraits: Cute, adorable, furry, not-so furry and funny pets are showcased in this week’s roundup.


Week 36: Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Week 36: 40 Amazing Food Photographs: If you’re not hungry, you will be after checking out these photos.

Week 37: Street Photography

Week 37: 42 Street Photographs: This week, the photos were amazing and very touching.


Week 38: Taking Photos During the Golden Hour

Week 38: 36 Photographs Taken During the Golden Hour: This week, the photos were amazing and very touching.



Week 39: Fall Photography Tips

Week 39: 39 Photographs of Fall: This week, the photos were amazing and very touching.



Week 40: How To Get Better Lighting From Your In-Camera Flash

Week 40: 30 Flash Photographs



Week 41:  How To: Photography Water Droplets

Week 41: 36 Water Droplet Photographs


Week 42: How to Photograph Vibrant Colors

Week 42: 40 Vibrant Photographs

how to photograph vibrant colors #photography

Week 43: Dragging the Shutter

Week 43: 28 Best Photos of the Week

dragging the shutter

Week 44: 6 Tips for Taking Photos at Night

Week 44: 28 Night Photographs

6 tips for taking photos at night

Week 45:  How to Get Tack Sharp Photos

Week 45: 40 Tack Sharp Photos

how to get tack sharp photos

Week 46: How to Take Group Photos

Week 46: 24 Group Photos

how to take great group photos

Week 47: Mastering the Zoom Effect

Week 47: 26 Zoom Effect Photos

mastering the zoom effect

Week 48: How to Take Pictures Through Glass

Week 48: 32 Pictures Taken Through Glass

how to take pictures through glass

Week 49: Adding Texture to Your Photographs

Week 49: 32 Textured Photographs

adding texture to your photographs

Week 50: Tips for Capturing the Holidays

Week 50: 32 Photos Capturing the Holidays

tips for capturing the holidays

Week 51: 5 Tips for Capturing Snow

Week 51: 32 Photographs of Snow

5 tips for photographing snow

Week 52: 365 Challenge Scavenger Hunt

Week 52: The Best of the 365 Challenge Scavenger Hunt

365 challenge scavenger hunt