We’re excited about our new Canvas Prints. We’ve always offered you the ability to print your photos on canvas but now our Canvas Prints are better then ever! Wondering why? Here’s why you’re going to love our new line of Canvas Prints.



Picaboo Offers More Sizes To Our Canvas Prints Line

More sizes, more creative options and more ways to capture the special moments in your life. We now offer: 10×15, 16×24, 20×30 and 24×36. Select the size you want or mix and match to add dimension and beauty to your home.


Picaboo Canvas Prints Have Better Color and Quality

Picaboo Canvas Prints are printed on textured canvas fabric using an 8-color Epson Canvas ink-jet printer. This technology improves the image quality creating sharper images and richer, more vivid colors. And Canvas Prints last longer! With archival printing the life span of your photos on canvas will last from 90 to 125 years (longer if framed under glass and kept out of direct light). Plus, the image wraps around the canvas frame adding a cohesive and beautiful look from all perspectives.

Get Your Picaboo Canvas Prints Quicker

We’re streamlined the process so now you’ll get your canvas prints quicker than ever before. Of course, geography plays a big role in delivery but we can say you’ll get it sooner than you would before. For an accurate delivery schedule, please review our Shipping Guidelines.


Picaboo Makes It Easy to Hang Your Canvas Print

To make it easy to hang your Canvas Prints, we’ve included hardware that comes in its own packaging. The extra packaging ensures no damage will occur along the way. For multiple orders, you may receive your hardware in a separate package.


Picaboo Makes It Easy to See What Your Canvas Prints Will Look Like

Our Canvas Prints are made with an 8-color Epson inket printer that’s specially designed to print photos on canvas. Because we are printing on canvas and not paper, it’s important to note that the image will turn out a bit differently. To see how your image looks when printed on fabric, please make sure you review your project in Preview Mode. You can find sizes and pricing here.

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