I never know what to get my Grandma. She doesn’t need anything. All she wants is for me to come visit. Since she lives 500 miles away, we stay in touch through the photos. I do text photos on occasion, but she’s not that handy with the new technology. (And by new, I mean 1985.)

give-the-gift-that-can-be-enjoyed-all-year-long So this year, to quell her photo needs, I’m sending her a Picaboo Calendar. Her calendar will consist of photos I’ve taken throughout the year that live on my hard drive, gathering cyber dust. This is an easy project that takes less than 20 minutes and the best part: Once you enter your dates, Picaboo remembers them. So I don’t have to keep entering Peanut’s birthday, our anniversary or our annual beach trip. Picaboo remembers the dates for me so I don’t have to. Every July we hit the beach. It’s our tradition. By putting these images in the month of July, I can remind her that I’ll be gone and not to worry if I don’t answer the phone right away. It won’t stop her from calling the people I rent my cottage from; nor reminding me that wearing a silver bathing suit can cause a shark to mistake me for a fish. (This did happen in 1937. Or so I’ve been told.)


Why don’t I send the photos via email so she can print them? Because I don’t have time to talk her through the process of getting each photo ready to print at her local store. Believe me, I’ve done it and I’d rather have a root canal without anesthetic. Calendars from Picaboo are much easier. She gets a different photo every month and it gives her an idea of what we’ve been doing throughout the year. Even better? I can print them in bulk, sending them to my aunts, uncles, and distant elderly relatives who don’t get out often. october-halloween-caledar-page-made-with-picaboo

Who in your family would like a calendar? Write the person you think would enjoy this gift in the comments below.