Every year, I vow that I am going to take more pictures during the holidays. And then the holidays happen and I get so wrapped in baking, wrapping and eating that I forget. The same regret each and every year.

But not this year!

will take more pictures! I will get the family together and make sure we get that family shot that we keep saying that we are going to take.

And I want you to take more, too!

Photograph Friends & Family During the Holidays

Week 48: November 23-29

When attempting to take pictures of your family during the holidays, the key is to be relaxed! Instead of trying to find that perfect backdrop, let everyone pile up on the couch and be comfy.

And sometimes, that perfect background isn’t that hard to find. Last Thanksgiving, I made sure that we got a cute family photo of me, my husband, and the boys. We just went outside and let the field by our house be the backdrop. It was quick, easy, and we had our family photo!

Don’t forget to snap some pictures of the holiday preparation. From cooking the turkey, setting the table, or baking the cookies, get some action shots! They are perfect for your family photo books.

The holidays are the perfect time for candid photographs. There are times where we strive so hard for the perfect picture that we miss what is going on around us. Just go with the flow and don’t disrupt what is going on!

This week, your challenge is to capture the holidays in whatever way you celebrate! Share your traditions and your family! Enjoy the quality family time that the holidays bring and capture those memories.

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