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Congrats to Benjamin, our Day 10 Winner in The Two Weeks of Love Contest. We loved reading your Love Story: PB & J. Thank you for sharing it! Since you are the DAY 10 winner, you will receive a  8.5×11 Classic Calendar(Check your inbox, Benjamin!)


Why do we love this book?

Boy, do we love this book! Benjamin’s recap of his love affair with Jaclyn makes for a sweet and beautiful Picaboo story. Their love story is sweet, silly, romantic and lovely. And we love how the book begins so unassuming with a uniquely cropped Post-It note stuck on Benjamin’s shirt (secret acronym revealed below). From the first page, were off on the Benjamin and Jaclyn love boat and for the next 20 pages, we can’t wait to hear more. Through a soft, sincere and sometimes silly tone, Benjamin recounts how he met and proposed to the love of his life: Jaclyn.

How was this book designed?

Benjamin used vintage wallpaper backgrounds and kept the layout uniform with white-framed pictures and a collage style layout. The simplicity of his design allows us to focus on their love story. Also, it’s interesting to note that all the pictures were shot on iPhones.

What makes this book so special?

We love all the pictures, poems and silly words Benjamin adds to make this story uniquely his. We especially loved his silly “I Like Kissing You” poem. It begins funny and ends with gratitude. “Kissing you makes me glad / Not kissing you makes me sad / Me kissing you is not a fad.”

Basically, if you’re not in love with Benjamin at the end of this book, we suggest you reread it.

Here’s what Ben had to say about his book:

On July 4th, I proposed to the love of my life. In 2011, we spent our first Christmas together. My Picaboo Book captures the public and private moments of our love story–mostly captured on our iPhones. Judges will enjoy the personal stories, love notes, scriptures and a silly poem I wrote. I could hardly wait to give it to her for Christmas. Enjoy! P.S. I’m a pastor, so the picture on the front is a nickname created by one of my students, “PB&J.” This stands for Pastor Ben and Jaclyn.

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