With the holidays still fresh in your mind, why not put together a Holiday Traditions Book. Holiday tradition books are unique and personal. And they make it easy to pass them on from one generation to the next. Plus, they’re a great read during the long, hot days of summer when the holidays seem far away.

Need more inspiration? Check out a couple of spreads from Heidi’s Christmas Traditions Book.



I think it’s fair to say that Heidi likes embellishments and knows how to use them. In fact, the cover of her book makes you want to turn the page. It’s very inviting. Since Heidi is the pro, I asked her to share some visual tips for creating a memorable holiday traditions book.

  • Use embellishments. They add dimension to your book. Wanna add embellishments to your book? Check out this step-by-step guide and this short video tutorial.
  • Position photos and embellishments at an angle. This makes the image/embellishment more interesting.
  • Give your letters a shadow effect by using double lettering. (cover)
  • Layer your backgrounds to add depth. (cookie spread)
  • Use backgrounds as pictures. Place an embellishment in front of a picture like a ribbon or button and use the “fade” feature in the “Photo Tools” tool bar to make it look translucent. (cookie spread)
  • Use the notebook background and shape the image into a circle to create a great looking journal section. (cookie spread)
  • Turn backgrounds into ribbons. Make them thin and then rotate the ribbon to the left or right. Consider adding text on top of your ribbon. (birthday cake spread)
  • Use the circle shape to make a button in a darker color. (cookie spread)

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