We did it again! There’s a new Picaboo software update available today with some sweet new features. Just close Picaboo X and restart to get the free update. Here’s what you’ll see:

1. “Fade” Photo Tool: You’ve taken the perfect photo that you want to use as a background on your book page, collage poster, canvas, etc, but the colors are so vibrant that they’re taking away from your other photos.  No problemo! Select the photo or background by single-clicking it. Then, in Photo Tools (located in the sidebar), move the “Fade” slider to your desired translucency.  Sweet!

2. “Apply To All” for Backgrounds: By popular demand….now you can take the perfect background you have and apply it to all of the pages of your book! Just select the background by single-clicking on it. Then, click “Edit” in the top menu options and select “Use Background For All Pages”. Voila!

3. Variable Border Thickness: We know you’ll LOVE this one: now you can adjust the width of the borders around your pictures! No matter what color you’ve decided to make your borders, just select a photo and in “Photo Tools” in the sidebar, scroll down until you see the Border tools and move the slider bar to the right to make the borders thicker, and to the left to make them thinner.  Then, if you wish, you can apply that border width to all of the photos in your project.

4. Some Minor Updates, Features & Bug Fixes:

  • You can now create/save a copy of a project from “Home” in Picaboo X. This is helpful if you want to create a slightly different version of a project you’ve already created.
  • Various “Sync” bugs fixed. Thanks for helping us find them :)
  • Various caption bugs fixed. They were bugging us too!

So, tell us what we’re missing. We’ll review all of your comments here and work them into our upcoming releases. No other suggestions? Tell us what your favorites are and maybe we’ll surprise you with some more magical features.