A while ago we started a very utilitarian process of creating coupon codes that explained our weekly specials. For example, our current coupon codes is ITSMARCH. That’s because our current promotion begins on March 1st. The code makes sense, doesn’t it?


But we’re a creative company and we think it’s time to change the name of our codes. Here’s where we could use your help. What coupon codes should we use? Should we name them after you? Your pets? Your favorite lunch meats? Can you help us come up with coupon codes? Leave your code (or codes) in the comments below with the explanation of what your code means and we’ll pick the best ones and use them throughout the year. And as an added incentive, we’ll randomly pick one person who leaves a suggestion and award them a $10 Picaboo Gift Card on 3/1/12.

Here are some examples:

Coupon code = Mary D (Named after one of our favorite Picaboo users, Mary)

Coupon code = Hawaii (If we win the lottery, we’re moving to Hawaii)

Coupon code = Sunny (Named after my daughter)

Coupon code = Lasagna (Named after Garfield’s favorite meal)

By the way, have you made a Picaboo product using a phone app like Instagram or Hipstamatic? If so, we’d love to feature it on the blog. Share your Picaboo project with FBFan@picaboo.com. You can share a book or a collage by clicking “Share” when Picaboo X is open. Or just take a screenshot of your project and send the image to us. If you’ve never used a phone app, take a look at this fun article that highlights 8 fun photo apps.