Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….

As you’ve come to know, we listen to every request from our customers…and we deliver new features just as quickly as we can! You’re all gonna LOVE these ones….

Just close Picaboo X and restart to get the free update. Here’s what you’ll see:

1. Shopping Cart: Now you can add multiple projects to the shopping cart at once! Got 3 different books you want to order? No problem, add them to the cart, select the size, paper and shipping options and..voila!  What about if you’ve got 2 books and a canvas print? That works too! Try it out on your next order. And when you order different versions of the same product (books, calendars, photo panels, etc) we’ll even ship them together so that you save $$! Sweeeet!

2. Photo Shapes: By popular demand….turn any photo into a heart, star, circle or oval! It’s sooo easy.  Just add a photo to a book, calendar, photo panel, collage poster or canvas and then select “Shapes & Corners”.  Once you pick a shape, you can resize, stretch or rotate to make it just the way you want it. Doesn’t that photo of your child in their soccer uniform belong in a star? Or your cute pet in a heart? Put them in angles in the corner of your projects, or a closing photo on the back cover of your book. Get crackin’.

3. Sort Photos by Filename: In “File > Preferences”, you can now choose to sort your photos in the photo tray (beneath your project in Edit mode) by “Date Taken” or “Filename”. For Mac users, click “Picaboo X > Preferences”.

4. Some Other Updates, Features & Bug Fixes:

  • Added a translucent “wrap zone” in Edit mode for Classic Custom book covers to reflect how the book will look when you receive it;
  • Canvas Prints default to black background;
  • Images placed near the wrap areas of Canvas Prints will display a warning that part of the border may display on the front due to the gallery wrapping process;
  • Price and production time increases for our more labor-intensive hand-crafted book styles (Ranch, Victorian, Modern, Cape Cod, Flush Mount & Madison);
  • Order page bugs fixed when ordering Prints;
  • Apply all to borders now ignores PNGs – so your embellishments and translucent .PNGs won’t be affected by adding borders to other photos on the page;
  • Thumbnails with blue “?” on order page now fixed;
  • Other misc. bug fixes to improve performance.

As always, we aim to please.  We’ve still got a long list of features you’ve all requested, so keep ’em coming and stay tuned for more amazing features in the coming weeks! Feel free to “share” this post with your friends by clicking the Facebook, Twitter or Email icons below.

In the meantime, tell us, how do you plan on using our new photo shapes? What pictures would you love to turn into stars, ovals, circles or hearts?